September 16, 2014

Ruthie has always been a little helper, mimicking the daily tasks I do around the house which most often is less than helpful, but I allow her to contribute in whatever way she knows how and here's what i've noticed: She is independent and confident and at 19 months, capable. That was probably the most valuable lesson I learned as a Montessori teacher - that children, no matter how young, are capable of so much more than we give them credit for. I've also learned to be patient because when we are talking about toddler's or preschoolers, patience is a must. I fold the laundry, she throws it into her own pile, but you know what? To her, she's helping and how can I take the feeling of being a helper and accomplishment away from her? Things may take twice as long and end up messier before cleaner but I think ( I hope) I'm setting her up to be a responsible, confident little human. 

Some of my favorite ways to get her involved around the house /

Laundry. She absolutely loves helping put the clothes into the wash machine and changing them over into the dryer. Same when the cycle is finished and it's time to put the clothes in the hamper to carry up for folding. It's an easy task for even the smallest toddler.

Wet spills. They happen often with kids and instead of getting upset or aggravated, because we all know they aren't trying to spill on purpose (well not all the time anyways,) I simply tell her that it's okay- spills happen but now it's time to clean it up. Give her a dish towel and let her wipe up her own mess. Of course you might have to go back and clean it up a bit after, but allowing your child to deal with the consequences and responsibility of their own actions is invaluable. 

Dusting. Feather duster or rag, it doesn't really matter and it is one of the ways they can help that won't create more work for you in the end. No harm in letting your little one wipe surfaces with a dry cloth so why not?

Dishwasher loading. Ru is a pro at putting our dirtied utensils in the dishwasher basket. She wants to play in the dishwasher when it's open anyways so why not get them involved in a productive way instead? 

Clean up. Kind of a no brainer but so often I'll see kids destroy a room and think nothing of cleaning it up when they are finished. I have not figured this one out completely yet but I do make Ruthie clean up at least 2 or 3 toys when we finish playing in a particular area or room. I want her to know that it's important to keep her environment tidy and beautiful and to respect her things. 


  1. Great post! Love the tips on getting the little ones involved in daily tasks. I agree, it takes some patience, but the rewards are great. Thanks!


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