November 7, 2014

I've been thinking a lot lately about the idea of balance and honestly, I'm convinced there is no such thing. What there is, are seasons of life that flow and feel balanced and seasons of life that feel completely chaotic and off kilter. I've read every blog post from other working at home / freelance mama's, and they are all wonderful and offer really great tips but the advice only works when you are in a season that flows. For me, this time of year is extremely busy and even more so this year since I've been working on a side project in addition to running our business. It's all really wonderful but right now, I feel like I'm totally slacking in the mama department. I don't want to be anywhere but with my girl, but I also feel like I need to answer emails and push marketing for upcoming events. So this so called balance is, you could say, totally non existent in my world right now. I know in several weeks the storm will calm and I won't need to open the laptop up unless my little one is asleep for the night and what I'm learning is that all of it is okay - that I deserve grace, that we all deserve grace. 

Working mama's outside of the home, mama's who stay home full time and mama's who work from home (and any other kind of mama there is) - None of it's easy. It never feels perfectly balanced 100% of the time. THAT'S OKAY. Do the best you can and embrace the ebbs and flows of life because that's what it is. Life. 


  1. I have so fallen in love with your space- both blog and instagram, such lovely pictures. I'm a stay at home mom, and it's all ebb and flow. This week I've been done on myself, always feeling like I'm not giving enough- so thank you, it's time to set that down and just enjoy myself!


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