November 20, 2014

In Ru's short little life she's been to quite a few places and we've learned along the way what works and what doesn't. I will say that by no means do we travel with no bumps. Regardless of the amount of toys, books, stickers we have packed, if we are traveling by car she reaches her limit around hour 3 but since this weekend we are traveling by air, i'm much more relaxed about keeping her entertained. We flew just a few months ago (4 hour flight) and she did so, so good. This weekend we will only be flying about an hour so really, this should be a breeze. At any rate, it's still important to have everything she could need or want plus whatever toys and books I pack during travel is what she'll have to play with wherever we're visiting, so I like to make sure she won't tire of them en route. 

1. The whole lot of it. Lunch box filled with snacks / mystery bag filled with little blocks and clasping rings / a couple new books she has yet to see / new water bottle (I've learned it's worth purchasing a few new things when traveling. It is exciting for her and we can usually look at or talk about whatever it is!) / Another mystery bag filled with some little dinosaur and farm animal figurines.

2. Snacks! These are her favorite snacks but I never buy them packaged individually like this so it will be fun for her to eat them in a new way. Plus you can never rely on a decent meal when you are traveling so I like to make sure we have some 'squeezies' with us for some healthy nutrients.

3. Better look at her little bag of toys.

4. New sticker book set. She is totally obsessed with stickers so when I came across these with reusable stickers, I was sold. I'm confident these will be the only thing she uses on the plane!

(All the toys in her little bags, she already had. I just dug pretty deep in her toy baskets to find small ones she hasn't seen in a while. They'll be like new to her!) She'll also have a blankey and her favorite stuffy with her! Am I missing anything crucial!?  


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