January 29, 2015

Every couple of months, I transition new materials in to our play / learning space as Ruthie's interests and abilities develop. Right now she is really into the idea of school (thanks to a few of her recent favorite books) and so each day recently I have been making sure to do some sort of 'formal' lesson with her just as I would have in my old classroom. She loves to say, 'time to sit ciss coss apple sauce for yesson!' And it's the best. This week, I presented (using the Montessori three period lesson) 5 shape cards, a pattern making work, and a practical life tweezing work. It is so awesome seeing her want to learn. As a teacher (and mama) there is nothing better! 

If interested in knowing what each material is in these photo's, here you go!

Top Shelf - Music and Sound 

music clock / tambourine / wooden train whistle / bells / xylophone

Bottom Shelves - Sensorial, Practical Life, Math, and Science (I plan to break toys and materials into 'subject' area's when she is older. For now, it's just all mixed together for her to choose as she goes.

Geo puzzles / Basket with beads and string for bead stringing / stackable block tower - biggest to small / wooden farm puzzle / color and shape cards / national geographic issues / pattern making work / (hard to see but, a tiny tweezing pom pom work / wooden hammer and ball work / Baric tablets 

(We also have a few lower cabinets in our kitchen set up for her so she can choose her utensils, cups and dishes throughout the day, a stool so she can easily help clean dishes and wash her hands and a few other learning materials in our family room and her bedroom.) 


  1. this is so interesting and so intriguing to me. i still haven't decided whether or not i will home school my little boy (thank goodness there's still loads of time!) , but in the mean while i've been fascinated with all the things we can do together now to begin his education and exposure to art/music/nature/wellness.


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