January 26, 2015

Over the last few weeks Nick and I have slowly begun the process of going through every single closet, drawer, bin and creak of our home to unload anything that isn't functional or beautiful. We've decided that the function and beauty philosophy when it comes to our home aligns well with our thoughts and feelings on how to be intentional in every area of our lives. Because our home is such a huge part of us, it is the perfect place to put our 'motto' in action. I tell ya what, it is freeing beyond belief to not have excess stuff. Our goal is to get rid of / donate nearly half of our belongings by the time spring rolls around. We have a huge pile to either donate or throw out up on our third floor and still have so many spaces to sort through. Once you start, it's hard to stop! Here are a few tips that have really helped the task seem less daunting for us.

// Start small - Pick one closet or one drawer to work through in a days time. When we first began sorting through all of our stuff, I chose an upstairs storage closet and spent the entire day on and off putting our stuff into keep piles, throw away and donate piles. I didn't feel pressure to work through so many things at one time and was able to stay focused on the small goal of, just one closet today.

// The medicine cabinet - I can't even begin to tell you how freeing it feels to go through your medicine cabinet to get rid of all the crap we keep in there - old pills, half empty bottles of travel shampoo, expired prescriptions and broken hair ties. I mean, whewwww. I filled an entire garbage bag with medicine cabinet junk and my mind instantly felt less cluttered. If you don't know where to start, start there.

// Don't let the piles sit - For weeks we would have our donate piles just sitting in the upstairs hallway which was actually making me feel like we hand't made any progress at all because I could still see everything just sitting there. Once you have a closet (or a few) sorted through, take them to goodwill or to your garage or wherever. Just get them out of your house! 

// Give yourself time - depending on the size of your home and how much stuff you are hoping to rid your home of will depend on how much time it will realistically take you. Our home is on the larger side and over the 4 years we've been here, we've let junk collect in the basement and in all of our closets. We are giving ourselves the entire winter season to work through it all. Setting a time line will help in a major way and will help the task feel manageable.

Yay for intentional, clean, simple living!

Quick disclaimer: It's super hard to stick to the function or beauty philosophy if you have children. I will say though, we are extremely intentional with what kind of toys we bring in our home for our daughter. Simple, wooden, non plastic, non noisy toys are mostly what you will find in our home. I've been able to feel like I have a handle on our toy situation too by putting them all in pretty woven baskets and keeping them fairly organized. It's not easy and we certainly could stand to get rid of some of the toys that are never played with. Okay. Purge away!


  1. Love this- I am a purger! Probably to much, I got thru the home monthly getting rid of more stuff- I don't know how it builds up so fast! I need tips on toys though, I want to get good, wooden toys, but grandparents and the like seem to only buy the plastic stuff and send it regularly, how do you handle that?


    1. Every month! That's amazing. I wish we did the same. Toys. Yes, we from the very get go expressed to our parents how important it was to us that we didn't have 'junk' toys in our home. Mostly because if we didn't want to look at it, we didn't want it here. (We like pretty things :) And also because as a Montessori teacher, I came to value the beauty of simple, wooden materials for babies and kids. They appreciate nature a bit more when exposed to natural toys early on and are able to be more creative when playing. We are lucky enough to have a third floor playroom so anything that isn't very pretty toy wise, goes there. It's hard at first to tell people that you don't like what they're buying but when we explained our reasons they were totally on board and do a super great job now. Some of our favorite toy brands are Hape, Ikea, Melissa and Doug and Land of Nod. Also, a quick search on Etsy for wooden toys will bring up a lot of great Montessori and Waldorf stuff. Hope that helps!

  2. We've been working on doing the same thing this fall/winter...4 truck loads gone and 5th waiting in our garage. Life really seems easier with all of the random fill/stuff gone and cleaning has been taking a quarter of the time it used to. I've been a little upset with myself that I was able to spend money on all of these things we're now getting rid of but it has helped me better edit my spending. I suppose there is a learning curve when it comes to the life you're really meant to be living...just took some time for us.

    1. Yes! That's awesome to hear and I think so true- it takes time to learn how to live simply and fully :)

  3. I'm looking forward to some major purging this weekend. These cold months just seem like the best time to nest, when it's too cold to enjoy the outdoors. Thanks for the inspiration! Happy weekend.

  4. i just love this. so so healthy and good. i recently went through my cosmetic drawer and WOW! it felt to good to get rid of a ton of junk and chemically infused products i needed to trash anyway.

    your blog is so beautiful, friend!!


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