April 1, 2015

I didn't know how much I wanted an actual entryway until we had an actual entryway. A designated place to hang your coat, take your shoes off and greet guests. When we first moved in 4 years ago I instantly felt very grown up with such an official entrance to our home. Our entry space is pretty simple- minimal decor per usual. We do not have a storm door (have you ever tried to find a door to fit a 150 year old door frame? geeps), so the downside to this space is when the door is closed, it's pretty dark. Anyways, when we bought our home the first half of the entry had parkay flooring and the stairs and hall were carpeted. We decided to re-do the flooring of our entire first floor to have it be consistent and a little more our style, so we settled on an extremely durable (we have a chocolate lab and toddler) faux wood. It was not our first choice but we were trying to be cost effective and smart with our choice. The beige-y wall color is also not our favorite but it runs the entire length up to the second floor so painting it is just a bit too daunting for us right now. And really, it's ok. We don't hate it. My hope is that if you were to ever come to our home, you would instantly feel welcomed, because for me, that is what the entry way is for. 


  1. Me again! I did say i was excited to see your next post.. and here i am again poking my nose in around your lovely home! Its so awesome that you are sharing this - thank you!! Its amazing how "welcome" we do feel.. just reading your posts! I live in a beautiful part of Scotland and i wouldn't trade my home for the world, but my gosh YOUR home is breathtaking.

    I love the wooden floor, it has a warm and cosy feel to it and when you come in from the freezing cold air there is nothing nicer than being... home, warm and cosy!! I also love how you have photos of yourself and your husband in the hallway. This is a home filled with love and clearly that hits you the second you open the door.

    I too have photos of myself and my husband in our hallway. My heart bursts with love for the 2 little people we created but its all because of US (me and my better half) and thats why when my husband comes home from a long day at the office i want him to walk into our home and be reminded of that.. of how much i love him and am thankful for everything we have created together. I didnt want him to walk home and fall over toys and jackets and shoes - Im thinking thats what you have created for you and your husband also.

    The entrance to your home is just perfect!

    1. Sharlene! You are so sweet to comment. I love that you can feel the love in our home from looking at these images. It sounds so corny but that is the exact feeling i hope for when people enter our space. I'm sure yours feels just the same!


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