September 11, 2015

Geesh! I sure haven't been around this space in quite some time and it feels good to be here, letting my fingers do the talking. So much has happened since the last time I posted back in early June. If you aren't following me over on IG then you may not know, we are having ANOTHER BABY GIRL, have been traveling and we're moving at the end of the month - kind of a whirlwind of a summer but we're very excited for all the lies ahead. 

So this new baby girl - it's pretty crazy honestly - another girl. Before having Ru I always felt that i'd be the mama to only boys and I had come to love that idea. Just a mama and her boys and then after having Ru, I couldn't imagine a child any other way besides the exact way that she was. She is the girl of my dreams and raising a little lady has been a gift beyond words. This second pregnancy has felt SO different from my first and that had me convinced it was a boy. I was wrapping my head around one sweet girl and one sweet boy and falling in love with the little boy I was growing. We found out earlier in the week that this little bug is actually a little girl and oh my goodness, the idea of TWO little girls is so foreign yet so, so exciting for us. I myself don't have a sister so being able to give Ru the gift of sisterhood is I think, what i'm most excited for. They are going to be quite the pair, I just know. Already Ru is so in love with baby sister, hugging my belling constantly telling sister how much she loves her and how she can't wait to show her her books and hold her hand. It still is a little hard for me to grasp how I'm going to love this new babe the same way I love my big girl but I know I will. I know it will be different and I'll have to navigate time and attention for them both but this mama love is fierce and my heart will find its way. Also, papa with his two girls - the cute might just kill me dead. 

Oh and we're also moving in two weeks! Gah! We sold our home in less than a day and found a super charming little rental house in a great neighborhood. Fenced in back yard, big wide sidewalks and some of our favorite places within biking distance. We are sad to leave this home of ours but excited for new things. Our plan is to hunker down there for a year or so while we work on building our dream home in the city. More on that later! I'm off now to wipe down some 2 year old I know who's covered in potting soil, paint and avocado. This season of life is pretty dang sweet. 


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