January 20, 2016

I woke up in my little girl's bed as I usually do these days to a sweet little kiss on my cheek followed by a too enthusiastic for it still being dark outside, "Mama! It's wake up time! I'm gonna go see if Daddy's awake!" It's the normal around here - Me sleeping in my daughters bed with her about halfway through the night until morning. Today when I woke though something was sweeter and a bit heavier at the same time - is this the last time I'll do this? Tomorrow at this exact time i'll have another little soul to nourish and care for. She'll be in my arms and my heart will grow in a way I'm not yet able to understand. I'm a mess of emotion and it's that kind of emotion where you can't even put words to it. Excited, sad, scared, anxious, overwhelmed, consuming, grateful. 

So today I am loving the little girl I've had all to myself for nearly three years like you wouldn't believe. The streets, sidewalks and yards are covered in a beautiful layer of snow and my girl is beyond excited to get out there to 'make footprints and run around.' We'll do just that, sweet girl. Probably followed by some hot cocoa, a warm bath together and some snuggles on the couch. 

Tomorrow we become four.


  1. Thank you for putting (so beautifully) into your blog the words that some of us mummies just cant put together. Wishing you lots of love and good luck for tomorrow.

    I too had a planned c-section second time around and once i acknowledged that me and my babe were in the best possible hands; that this was an every day occurrence for the doctors, my gosh it was the most calm and most beautiful experience of my life. I am sure it will be for you too!

    Sharlene, UK

  2. Lindsay, I am thinking about you and your sweet family and sending you my very best wishes for your transition to a family of four. I love reading your words and can always feel your love for your girl leap off the screen. This new little one is so lucky to have you as her mama and to have Ruthie as her big sister. As the oldest of three girls, I believe my sisters were the best gift I was ever given. Savor this day with your first. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow as you welcome your second.

    All the best,



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