March 23, 2016

We've been in full on Montessori mode over here and my 3 year old daughter couldn't be loving it more. It's been a while since my last Montessori post and as we get closer to her starting part time preschool in the fall and us starting part time homeschool at the same time, I wanted to start sharing some of the every day things we do around here. Her favorite activities are practical life work. She loves taking care of our house the way she has seen me do. Anything with water especially is a hit. Mopping and watering the house plants are what you see here. Both are super simple to 'set up' and are wonderful in teaching self control, honing large and fine motor skills and heck, they help you out too! She was taught to spray into the soil- 5 sprays each plant. Hearing her count as she sprays is so great and I love that it teaches her how to properly take care of the plants, not just go crazy with water in the house. 

The mop you see is from the Melissa and Doug cleaning set and the spray bottle, we picked up at target. 

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