September 23, 2016

It's Friday afternoon, one babe is upstairs tucked soundly in her crib and the other is tucked snug on the couch with a movie. I've got a cup of hot coffee by my side and am feeling so inspired by a few idea's I've got brewing, plus our move which is happening in 7 days!! It is a chaotic mess in our current house which often makes my brain feel like a chaotic mess but right now, in this moment, I am just soaking it all in. How lucky are we to have two healthy children. The freedom to dream big idea's. The means to have built a new home. I just feel so grateful. In 7 days we leave this rental house - the home we welcomed our second daughter into, and move to the city to live this dream out of ours that we have been working towards for the past two years. It seems surreal. I just keep thinking, in 2 weeks time we will be completely settled into our new home (eeeeeek!) I absolutely cannot wait to get settled and show you all some photo's of our space furnished and finished. Until then, we will be packing the rest of this house up. We are so ready.


  1. This is an amazing blog! just wanted to take a few secs and tell you that you are amazing and i love what you do and how you do. keep shining and smile bright :)


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