October 27, 2016

I've never been a big fan of Halloween - I suppose I enjoyed it as a child, dressing up and trick or treating around my neighborhood with friends, but I wasn't one of the kids who got so in to my costume and counted down all year long for it. Then in high school and college when friends were so excited for costume parties, I was a dud. I appeased friends and joined in on coordinating costumes (and usually had a ton of fun) but I still needed motivation to do so. But now, being a mom, it's like all those years of feeling pretty lackluster about the holiday has caught up to me and I'm making up for lost excitement. I freaking LOVE Halloween - helping my daughter choose what she wants to be, decorating our home, getting in the fall and halloween spirit - it's all just too much fun. Children have an incredible way of making us relive (or discover) childhood fun and what a gift that is. To not only see the world through their eyes, but to experience it too. 

On our hands this year we've got a lion and a polar bear and goodness sakes is it cute. HAPPY HALLOWEEEN to all! What are your littles being? Also, do you dress up with them? I think family costumes are my new favorite thing!


  1. The neatly set Halloween stuff looks cute. I like the idea, so creative. Halloween is all about enjoying and doing stuff and I love it. Keep us updated!


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