Stella McCartney for GAP

March 31, 2010

In honor of my new sidebar feature "Children's fashion" I thought I'd start the fashion posts off right.  The new Stella McCartney collection for GAP is insanely cute.  My personal favorite youngster style mimics the trendy looks of "grown up" hipsters, urban dwellers and those who simply posses impeccable every day style.  This collection captures exactly that.....SO stinkin' CUTE!

ps. think about the chaos of this shoot! Animals + a handful of kiddos...haha, I love it.

To shop the collection click here

preschool snapshot

March 30, 2010

city kids come prepared.

(officially obsessed with mini hunters! I can't get enough of the colors + practicality)

Bits of my weekend Vol. 4

March 28, 2010

So, we're at Volume 4, which means I have photographed and edited in 4 different styles. Vol. 1 Vol. 2  Vol. 3 and now 4. (I absolutely can not figure out which style i'm most into. What do you think? :) Anyways, we had a low key weekend (what the heck is up spring? where did you go?) 

Walk in the hood, church, lunch at the neighborhood diner, shots of my block, a snuggly puppy (of course) and my window view. 

Bits of MY weekend Vol. 4
Brooklyn, New York


Do nannies turn boys into future adulterers?

March 26, 2010

Okay, so as Freudian as this article sounds, it makes total sense! Funny coincidence that Dr. Friedman is the psychiatrist claiming such behavior?   Basically, children (especially boys) who are raised by their mother AND a nanny learn at an early age that their needs can be met by multiple women.  If another woman is taking care of a child's most basic needs; feeding, clothing, bathing, why wouldn't he believe that its okay to have needs met by more than one woman? Its a totally subconscious thing but a valid one at that....

".....This dual-woman life, one for family and one for catering to his every need, might become a set pattern in his mind, so that when he grows up and feels like his needs are not being met, he strays beyond the home."

Then there's the flip side to the argument. ".....Babies don't form attachments solely to their mothers — they become attached also to fathers, grandparents, nannies, child-care providers, older brothers and sisters, or anyone else who interacts with them socially and frequently participates in care routines like feeding and bathing." These relationships are healthy and part of normal development. And becoming attached to a nanny doesn't equal becoming detached from a mother, or that the two are interchangeable. "A nanny or other person is added to the existing relationships most babies have."

You can easily dispute both sides of this argument.  I find it fascinating, living in a society where nannies are ever so present, it makes me question the future lives of my current 4 and 5 yr. old students.  For their sake - say it ain't so!

For the full article via Time click here

coffee education 101

March 24, 2010

As a lover of coffee, I wanted to share this article via Joe at the Abes Market blog, about the sustainability of coffee and what we can do as consumers to help positively influence the industry. I know I'm guilty of using disposable cups on an almost daily basis (the $1.00 coffee bodega's are hard to pass up) BUT after reading this, you can bet I'll be roasting my own blend tomorrow morning and will be using my to go mug for sure!

Thanks Abes!

Biggest accomplishments of Monday

March 22, 2010

completion of the trinomial cube without using the wooden box as guide - super impressive :)

completion and understanding of the decimal system, quantities 1-9,000 - so proud of these little guys!

Bits of my weekend Vol. 3

Such an amazing weekend!  We had family in town (all pictured in the first photo :)  so we got to play tour guide! We covered so much ground - Washington Square Park, impromptu photo shoot with little girl we met at the park, central park, (we like parks) street market in noho, puppy's first visit to manhattan (he's a brooklyn boy) cupcake truck in soho, wall photo at BAM, hubby and puppy in Ft. Greene park (like seriously, we love parks) 
Bits of MY weekend Vol. 3
New York City, New York

In case you were wondering....

March 17, 2010

That purty little master piece pictured below sold for $3,600!! Thank you so much, to my wonderful class parents!  It is so fun to see mom's and dad's outside of school.  I forget sometimes that they're real people and do have a name other than "Bobby's mommy."  They're amazing.  I'm so fortunate to work for a school who's community is made up of such generous, kind hearted and down right fun people!

Here's to you....


March 15, 2010

The auction project is complete! The kids are insanely proud of it, as they should be.  Last year's auction project, "preschool pollock" (pictured below) sold for $2,000 - yeah thats right.  Can't wait to see what this year's goes for - I'll keep you posted.  Tomorrow is the big night!

I'm proud of my little artists :)

(2010 auction project)

(2009 "preschool pollock" auction project)

Bits of my weekend Vol. 2

March 14, 2010

Here we go again with bits of MY weekend. Given the extremely rainy weather, our options were a bit limited, but we made do, like always.  Rainy walks, yummy treats, laundry (blah),  a "new" vintage set of encyclopedia's (that we found on the street), a sleepy puppy, and cincinnati goetta (if you don't know what that is, you need to look into it, asap) 

Bits of My Weekend Vol. 2
New York City, New York


Geography & Culture

March 13, 2010

Even though Geography and Culture are talked about in Montessori literature, the subject is not the most important focus in the Montessori classroom, however, I absolutely love geography and culture in the classroom!  It is so important for children to understand that the world is much bigger than the few city blocks they are familiar with.  We've been learning the continents and the animals of each place.  They absolutely love this unit and have easily taken in all the information. We also have a book about each continent they can look through and they have loved seeing the flags of different countries, what the children dress like and the kinds of foods people eat in other parts of the world.  I so enjoy their enthusiasm for the world around them!

I had to share....

March 11, 2010

What I love : In the playroom.  Brought to you by Joya Baby

I wanted to share this amazing child's space, because so often I see "playrooms" that are either over the top cartoony or the complete opposite and are designed purely for the parent with no color and fun at all.  Joya does an amazing job keeping the vibe of her child's playroom light, fun and young yet it has a vintage, eclectic and design conscious touch. It's the perfect mix between kid and parent friendly.   The images are beautiful and the room captures what the playroom is all about - color, creativity, music, art, books....I love the way inspiration exudes from this room.  This playroom truly looks like every child's dream space.  I absolutely love it!  Thank you, Joya!

Image belongs to Joya for Joyababy

Bits of my weekend

March 7, 2010

So. Here we go with the bits of my weekend idea, brought to you by the fabulous Michelle at six in the city. Yeah yeah, this isn't a blog about my personal life, I know. BUT the whole reason I got involved with the blog world in the first place was to yes, share information and ideas but I was also seeking out a medium to feel inspired and to hopefully inspire others in return.  It's also nice to get a peek inside the lives of people you follow online and elsewhere, right?
So, with that said, I give you bits of MY weekend volume 1:
New York City, New York



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