I need a reminder

February 28, 2011

The last few months I have been feeling overly inspired, motivated and eager.  Today, I hit a wall.  Hubby and I launched our passion project The City Flea and have been overwhelmed by the incredible support and enthusiasm.  We've even had some interviews and a photo shoot with local media! I think the non stop working, networking, and socializing has caught up to me. I'm tired beyond belief and I've just come down with a horrendous cold and sore throat.  I love the above words and even though i'm feeling drained today, I know that Doing and Being Present still need to be a part of my sick days (even if being present only means appreciating and thanking the mister for my tea) Hope everyone has a great week!

Under the influence.

February 18, 2011

These images make me happy. I'm working on a collection of amazing coffee photo's to frame and fill an entire wall in our kitchen.  

hearts day with my love.

February 16, 2011

When you marry your best friend, you don't need much more on valentines day besides a couple of home made cards, flowers from the local market and a meal cooked at home.  We're just a couple of simpletons who happen to be madly in love. 

When I grow up...

February 15, 2011

I wanna be just. like. him.

If i ever get a handsome little guy like this one, i'll be one lucky mama. 

Dear Honey,

February 14, 2011


Research shows...

February 11, 2011


we threw a party.

February 7, 2011

Oh how I love to entertain.  I really do.  There's just something about the preparations, staging and the actual "performance" of hosting a party. I find it to be extremely satisfying to be able to give my friends and family a lovely evening. We had our friends over a couple weeks ago for a post holiday party (white elephant gift swap and everything. the only rule was, it HAD TO BE a gift you were given this past holiday season- ha!) And if I do say so myself,  it was just wonderful.  
On the menu:

Veggie Platter
Sweedish Meatballs
Chips and Salsa
Mini Pizza poppers
Mini cheesecakes

When I grow up...

February 2, 2011

...I'm going to try to be just. like. her. 

Dear Lord,
Please give me a daughter that I can swoon over like this little beauty.  



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