Happy Weekend from us + one more.....

May 27, 2011

This cute little ragamuffin was found on the street near our house today and she could not be sweeter.  She's spent the day with us and snuggles and lays around on us at every chance she gets.  Clyde boy seems to get along with her too! Breaks our heart that she was left behind. We're looking for the perfect new home for her.  
Hope everyone has a weekend spent with the ones they love most. We'll be giving our love to this little lady as much as we can :)

Today's swoon worthy finds

May 25, 2011

 Today I rounded up these images on Pinterest and of course am gaga for them.  I've kinda got a thing for kids fashion and design (as if you haven't noticed :) and have been on a huge maxi dress, knot on the top of my head kick lately.  There's just something about throwing on a flowy dress that looks good and feels good. Hello, summer style! 

We had a {lovely} weekend.

May 23, 2011

Good eats, city strolls, my boys, beautiful weather and visits with family and friends. Counting my blessings today. ( I actually attended a friends bachelorette party AND had nick's family over for dinner too! sorry for the lack of photos there. Both were super great :)
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Happy weekend. love, Clyde

May 20, 2011

Yeah, go ahead and laugh- I'm wearing a thunder shirt, so what? At least i'm dog enough to admit that I need a little help calming down. It's the weekend and I like to have a good time, sue me! 

Have a great weekend!

Swoonville finds...

May 17, 2011

My favorite little one things from Pinterest today. No words- just admire the absolute perfection... 

We saw a show.

May 16, 2011

Thanks to the dude in the first row, for capturing this intimate, acoustic finale at The National show last night.  LOVE THEM! How cool is this encore? 

We had a weekend....




1. hub and pup enjoying some Lime Taqueria (burritos and jarritos- yes!)
2. Cute little main st. in Covington, KY.
3. Dinner at friends house
4. baby love
5. birthday boy! (our nephew turned 1!)

Hope your weekend was wonderful!

Words to live by

May 13, 2011

And that is all. 
Happy Friday. xo

Picnic in the park

May 11, 2011

Good weather at the turn of a new season calls for dinner picnic's in the park :)  This neighborhood park is just a few steps a way from our front door and has some of the coolest views of the city.  We picked up some local health food, toted our pup and picnic blanket along, and enjoyed an evening together.  There's nothing I love more than spending time at the park- truly my happy place. 

Spring weather, summer days....

May 9, 2011

Thats right. 2 posts in 1 day! I can't help it. The weather today is AMAZING which called for summer time reminiscing.  Can not wait to share more days like this one with my two favorite boys.  Summer time hikes and swims in the lake are absolute perfection.  Enjoy this weather!

Mama's Day!

(moms new cactus!)

(my mama with all her kiddos + kid in law :)

Mothers Day this year was spent by brunching with my mom, aunt, and cousins and dinner outside on the patio at my sister in laws house.  The day couldn't have been lovelier and my mom was gaga for her cactus.  The color doesn't do it justice. Vintage yellow planter with the most beautiful lavender color plant. Happiest of days to my mama, step mom and mama in law!  (and also all the other wonderful mamas in my life!)  

Dear Little One,

May 6, 2011

So. Incredibly. Touching and Awesome! 
The modern way to archive baby's childhood. I just adore this. So teary watching it (i'm a huge sap)

home design on the brain....

May 4, 2011

So, hubby and I are going on our seventh month of house hunting.  It's getting old and we're ready to settle into our future new home.  We absolutely love our spacious, beautiful apartment, but since moving back to Cincinnati from Brooklyn, renting space isn't ideal and  has thus far been a temporary solution.  We both love love love home design (and design in general) and are itching to get moving on the house! These are some of my favorite images from around the web.  I love finding home photos for inspiration and ideas.  

Smile, be happy, repeat.

May 3, 2011

I don't know if its all this rain or  the cold (in may!) or a combination of both, but I'm left feeling like I need a bit of sunshine and happiness today, and this little lady gave me just that.  How amazing is this shot? Hope everyone else has been smiling today! COME ON, SPRING! We're waiting!!

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