A family vacation

June 30, 2011

Some "real" photos from our time with Nick's family (I got lucky marrying into this group. I truly feel like they're my own family :) at the coast of Georgia.  We spent a day in Savannah too (swoon) where we discovered our new favorite place: The Paris Market. Everything, literally everything was beautiful.  We could have easily spent the entire afternoon browsing the goodness.  The last two photos of Nick? Hello hunk.  Ahh, vacation- you were good to us.

Away we went: Vacation in Instagram

June 29, 2011

ahhh, vacation. you came and went too quickly and now all we can do is reminisce over the good times, beautiful weather, water and sand.

St Simons, Island GA is a cute little beach town on the coast in Georgia. We were lucky enough to wake up every morning with a pot of coffee and ocean view from our balcony.  If only we could spend every morning this way...bliss.  These snapshots are just a taste of our week at the coast.  If you don't mind, more to come :) 

ps. my toes miss the sand.

Today is good.

June 22, 2011

Today is good because...
-hubby and I left to spend 5 days at the beach with our family.
-a really cool opportunity just came my way
-we're getting closer to moving into our new home and loads of scheming on how to arrange rooms has us both so so excited.
-My feet will hit the sand in just a few short hours.
-Good memories, good conversation and lots of love are about to be the next 5 days of our lives.

Hope you all have a good day!

Swoon worthy finds

crewcuts by J. Crew

{New in swoon worthy finds: Adult fashion ♥ )

The lovely Sydney from The Day Book.

Am I right?


June 20, 2011

My Dad. What can I say? I hit the jackpot when I was given the gift of my dad.  I've never doubted his constant love and support for every thing i've done in my life.  Even those "trying to figure out my life" phases. He continued to say all the right things, act as if my decisions were the best ones yet guide me in the direction I currently reside.  I'm  happy to say that I possess many of his qualities and that's one of the best compliments I could be given. I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much daddio.  

My husband. Yep, I hit the jackpot with this one too.  The reasons why I love this man are too many to list (but i'll name a few anyways) he's smart (like really smart), goofy, has a heart of gold, would do anything for any member of his family, is an amazing artist, good at his job, and we are kind of head over heels for eachother.  I fall even more in love thinking about him being a dad to our kids.  For now, he pretty much rocks at being Clyde's daddy :)

My week in instagram.

June 17, 2011

This was my first week using instagr.am --addicted....follow at littleonelove :)

-Love this new coffee mug from Rough and Perfect.
-iced coffee. how can one not LOVE it? (especially during the summer!)
-Puppa loves laying on the bay window and watching the cars and people go by. 
-Summer of '69 tee that I can't get enough of.
-My little students got some puzzle time in at the end of class.
-All the dogs in the family had a day filled with swimming and romping.
-BlaBla dolls. We carry them at the shop and I absolutely adore everything about them.
-Mac + Cheese. 'Nough said.
-hubby went to the market to buy "natural fruit bars" and came home with frozen icees
-bean grindin'. my morning ritual.

Today's swoon worthy finds

June 16, 2011

Where to begin? Everything from little lady's rosy cheeks to her careless smirk and styled ensembles is just to die for.  She's adorable in every sense of the word.  I absolutely love the red cardigan with pink/washed red denim skirt oh so much and the blues make the color pop that much more. 

handsome boy with his fedora cocked just right, hand in his pocket, shaggy hair and leather jacket- perfect. 
Also loving mr man's military boots with the harem sweats and jean button up- swoon.
And whats not to LOVE about a couple of kids on a city rooftop with an indian head dress and bb gun?


June 15, 2011

Well, here it is- the blue house. Our house. We haven't closed yet so I'm not revealing too much should something unfortunate happen, but after the weekend's home inspection its hard to foresee any major problems arising. (fingers, toes, elbows and eyebrows crossed)

Nick and I are just so happy that we found our home. We've been searching long and hard for "the one" for almost 10 months and after walking through this one a second time, all feels right. The others didn't work out because this one did and was supposed to. It's such an overwhelming feeling to know that this is where our family will start. Where memories that involve more that just him and I will be shared. Every time I look at the photos of this beautiful blue house i'm overcome with thankfulness. Thankful that I live the life I do- I'm truly blessed.

I can't wait to share more photos soon!


June 14, 2011

Today I feel good. I feel like anything's possible and is that not the best feeling in the world?  Im beyond lucky that my husband and I can talk about dreams that most of the time seem unrealistic- that even though they may seem unrealistic, i'm confident we'll find a way to make them reality.  So often family and friends roll their eyes when I share another one of my silly fantasies but I always think, if I didn't dream, how would anything be possible at all?  When we dream, we dream of:

Traveling to every country in the world. Buying an airstream with our best friends and traveling the entire country together. Moving to europe for a year with our family. Growing our business into full time jobs. Working with kids in Africa.  Having enough money to own a home where our family is and a small apartment in brooklyn.  Endless spring days spent at the park.  Opening a local coffee shop.  Starting the small children's clothing line i've been dreaming of.  

It's all overwhelming at times- to be such a dreamer.  It's my blessing and my curse.  I would not be the person I am if i wasn't such a thinker, but I often times wonder if I could find contentment much easier if my mind and heart weren't constantly searching for something bigger?  

This life that we live is a blessed one and  I'm lucky for more reasons than I can count.....
So here's to dreaming and never letting anyone stand in the way of what makes you truly happy ♥ 

Mini Fashion ♥

June 9, 2011

I first came across Nico Nico from the lovely Brandy at The Baby Blackbird and fell head over heels for these super simple and sophisticated designs.  Everything from color way to fabric, to the way the clothes sit on these little bodies is just perfect.  The above images are some of my absolute favs from the spring 2011 collection.  

Holy cow, I want a treehouse!

June 8, 2011

I found these unreal treehouses via Apartment Therapy and can not stop fantasizing about one day having something similar in our yard for our little ones.  The thought of sneaking out to the treehouse with my husband after the kids have gone to bed for wine by candle light has me giddy, am I right!?  


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