January 31, 2012


                Zara Kids / Design Sponge


January 30, 2012

 Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We actually spent Friday night and part of Saturday in Chicago.  It was such a quick trip, I didn't snap any photos.  Friday night we had dinner at Avec which I've been dying to try for the longest time.  It was absolutely delicious and totally amazing. Saturday morning my boss and I checked out some children's clothing lines at Stylemax and after that we were back on the road home.  Nick and I were both exhausted from the whirlwind trip so Sunday we lounged and finally were able to get a copy of Kinfolk Magazine


January 29, 2012


.....making me very very happy right now: Kinfolk mag and hot tea.


January 26, 2012

I've realized that when it comes to little fashion, gender neutral tones and pieces are what draw me in.  I 'm not a huge fan of girls in all pink and boys in all blue.  Not there is anything wrong with dressing your girls in pink and boys in blue {I'm sure I'll do it from time to time} but there is just something so appealing to me about neutral tones on kids.  The Spring 2012 collection from Scotch and Soda is right on.  There are both neutral and girl and boy specific pieces which gives everyone something to choose from.  LOVE!

PS. Anyone going to be at Stylemax in Chicago this weekend? Making a quick trip in on Saturday to see a few things for the store.  So looking forward to a night in Chicago- husband's coming too! 


January 25, 2012

Here she is...little one love with a face lift.  I swear this is it for a long time. Other than the header, the layout is set.  I finally gave in and bought a theme I found through The Blog Milk Shop- the ladies over there are seriously amazing.  I need some more color in my header but sitting in photoshop for several hours trying to come up with just that- a color scheme I won't get sick of in 2 months- was making my eyes cross! Also, I just love this image from the amazing illustrator Jamie Mills. Now those are some good colors! Back to regular life happenings and cute kiddo things tomorrow! 


January 24, 2012

This past week, after reading so many inspiring Alt design summit blog posts from some of my favorite bloggers, {for those that don't know about Alt summit- it's an annual conference for bloggers- anyone from fashion to design to mama to lifestyle bloggers. I've been dying to go the last couple years. This past one in Salt Lake City JUST ended}  it seems that every single person that goes, leaves feeling completely inspired and full of creative ideas. It has been fun to follow people who were there on instagram and read their blogs about talks they've been hearing, dinners and parties they've attended and blog friends they were finally able to meet in person- Ah! I want to be a part of that! I love having this blog as a creative outlet and only hope that it's able to continue to grow. My passion for sharing inspiration and my own thoughts are something I wholeheartedly enjoy. Coming home to this blog each and every day is one of my most favorite things. I don't aspire to be a full time blogger or have expectations of ever reaching that level.  I just want this space to grow in a way that feels both fulfilling to me and my readers. 

With that said, any blog designers out there who may be interested in working with me? The blogger templates have been good to me, but I'm ready to move on!  If interested, email me at

Happy Blogging {and reading}!

Esp NO. 1

January 23, 2012

Little girls in blacks, grays and blues are my favorite.  Esp No. 1 kills it when it comes to girl fashion that's not "girly." Their colored denim is also out of this world cute too. I totally want all of this in my size. #swoon


1. Saturday morning pancakes
2. a little corner in our kitchen
3. puppy paws
4. mama paws
5. fog and mist {my boys too if you look closely}
6. ice rain from the trees


January 22, 2012

My goal lately has been to see how long I can stay in my pajama's on weekend mornings. This past weekend I  succeeded in staying in them both Saturday and Sunday until late afternoon.  Waking up early to take the pup out then climbing back into bed is the best weekend treat. We all get up for the day then around 10, make some coffee and piddle around the house. We took a long walk through the mist and fog and really enjoyed a weekend of nothing much exciting.  We hung out with our favorite little people saturday night and had a family dinner on sunday. I'll chalk this one up as another dang good weekend. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday! 


January 21, 2012



January 20, 2012

It's Friday which means I'm over at Babiekins today talking about unique and inspiring children's spaces. Go have a looksie! Happy weekend!
Image 1 / Image 2 / Image 3 Image 4

In my dreams, I'm here...

January 18, 2012

I've been going through this phase lately, thinking about escaping / traveling / feeling free.  I have an overwhelming desire to take off with my husband and pup in a VW van with no real destination in mind and see where the journey takes us.  To snuggle under the stars and cook modest meals over fire.  To spend our days hiking and exploring and thinking of nothing else but each other, and the beauty that surrounds us.  To live simply and beautifully nestled somewhere in the forest or mountains for a while and just BE. Doesn't it just sound magical? siiiigh...


This makes me smile.  Wes Anderson could make a movie about atoms and nuclei and i'd still love it. 


January 17, 2012

The cool thing about having cool friends, is you get to do cool things. So when my friend Lexi asked me to stand in for a posing guide idea she had, I was more than happy.  By no means do I think i'm model material, but it's fun every now and again to be in front of a camera.  Photogs- Make sure you check out Lexi's posing guide.  It's an awesome tool to help you make your clients feel comfortable plus gives you some great pose ideas.  Oh, the best part is, Lexi's clients are seniors in highschool. I am 27. Haha!


January 16, 2012

Haha! This photo makes me laugh so hard. You'd think he was the saddest pup that ever lived.  Over the weekend we took mister Clyde to the dog park per usual and he came home with a belly FULL of mud. He sure did have a good time with some other pup friends rompin' around, gettin' dirty.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love this big ol' doofus.  I'm sure all you pet owners can relate- He really is what makes my little family complete. It sounds so silly but when the three of us (yes, Clyde's who i'm referring to) are not all together, it just doesn't feel completely right. Lordy, I'm scared for how I'll be with a non furry child :)


A few weeks ago, when miss Gina and I teamed up for a photo shoot and shot Georgie, we also shot this little handsome dude.  I've worked with Tre before and besides being absolutely adorable, he's just so much fun.  I adore him and love seeing him every chance I get. To see more scrumptious shots of Tre, hop on over the the Kiwi Street Studios blog. 
*clothing provided by The Spotted Goose Co.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. We sure did.  Hubby and I had the chance to go on a date to the symphony Saturday night which was absolutely amazing.  We also celebrated my Gram's 84th birthday. Lots to be thankful for this weekend for sure. Have a great week! 


January 13, 2012

Hope the weekend finds you some lazy, relaxing, cozy time. We've got dinner plans tonight, the symphony tomorrow, grandma's birthday breakfast sunday, and some errands to run in between it all. Boy oh boy do we love the weekends around here. What do you guys have going on?

PS. I'm not a huge print catalog person but does anyone else get giddy when a CB2 or Urban Outfitters catalog arrive? And don't even get me started on the Anthro catalog. swoon.  


I'm over at Babiekins today, offering some tips and tricks for styling your little one! Pop on over and check it out. Have a great weekend! 
photo credit Kelly Roper via Babiekins Mag.

January 11, 2012

photo 1 / photo 2 / photo 3
If you don't know the goodness that is Kinfolk Magazine then you really  need to get on it.  Full of beautiful imagery, editorials, and inspiration, this magazine is for anyone who likes to be inspired by lovely living.  In their words...

"Kinfolk is a growing community of artists with a shared interest in small gatherings. We recognize that there is something about a table shared by friends, not just a wedding or once-a-year holiday extravaganza, that anchors our relationships and energizes us. We have come together to create Kinfolk as our collaborative way of advocating the natural approach to entertaining that we love. Every element of Kinfolk—the features, photography, and general aesthetics—are consistent with the way we feel entertaining should be: simple, uncomplicated, and less contrived. Kinfolk is the marriage of our appreciation for art and design and our love for spending time with family and friends."


January 10, 2012

This past weekend at church our pastor mentioned a study he'd read that said, people who's household income is right around $75,000 dollars are the happiest people in our country. Having much more will not make you any happier. I thought that was so interesting  Nick and I had a long conversation about how that actually seems very true.  Sure, we always wish we had a stash of cash to be able to travel wherever we'd like without having to really plan for it, but that's not a reality for us and we're totally okay with that.  We have more than what we need and will catch ourselves often times saying out loud to one another how lucky we are to have this life.

So here I am, driving in my nice car, on the way to the coffee shop with my husband to meet some friends. Seriously, how blessed are most of us that we can enjoy what seems like the simplest of things that most of the world could only dream about? 


January 7, 2012

I swear, the lazier the weekends these days, the better. I love grabbing dinner or a drink with friends but those days of staying out both Friday and Saturday night until 3 in the morning are long gone, and I'm TOTALLY okay with that.  My ideal night is dinner out with friends then home with husby to watch a movie on the couch.  And thats pretty much what we did this weekend....
-drinks with friends{and a little bit of dancing- still home by midnight}
-coffee date with a close friend to talk about a piece of art he's making for our home
-walks with my two boys
-an afternoon nap
-a skype brunch with our closest friends in Jersey
-trips to the dog park
-house cleaning and reorganizing

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend as well!
ps. did you catch my first post over at Babiekins last week? Have a looksie!





January 5, 2012

I'm so incredibly excited about contributing weekly to the Babiekins blog! You may remember me writing about my love for the magazine HERE, so having an opportunity to be a part of the team is truly like a dream come true.  I hope you'll pop over to the Babiekins blog today to read my very first post- I'm sharing some of my most favorite things!  Have a great weekend!


January 4, 2012

Just the other day I was asked to share my "montessori story" for the website, Discovering Montessori. I was delighted and eager to write my story of how I fell into and in love with the Montessori philosophy.  Then I got to thinking- Why don't I EVER talk about Montessori on my blog anymore?  Sure, It's not what I do for work full time anymore, but I still teach a couple days a week and believe 100% in the method. Lots of my friends and blog readers are mothers themselves and I have something of true value to offer in the subject, so why not then, right? I guess like anything, when your life shifts and you begin to find inspiration and pleasure in other things, that becomes what you spend most of your time on. Not to say that I don't find inspiration in my little classroom, but I've grown into someone who swoons over home and graphic design, children's fashion {as you know} and photography among other things. I spend most of my time at the Shop or in our home office working on The City Flea- I'm telling you all of this so you can understand why the education aspect of my posts have fallen short. With all of that said, I WOULD like to bring some education back to the blog, so here we go...
First let me say that while I fully believe in the Montessori philosophy, I realize there are other ways to educate and I will never say one is better than the other.  Each child is unique and different and one learning style may not suit the needs of every child.  I will say that before you "judge" Montessori, do some research and observe a Montessori classroom.  To fully understand the way the classroom community works, you need to see it in action.  It's a beautiful thing to witness and only reading about it won't give you the full spectrum.  

The above photo's are photo's i've snapped around my classroom.  {I teach a mixed aged group, 3-6- which is traditional of any Montessori program, on Tuesdays and Thursdays}  Each material or "work" is designed to teach a certain set of skills. First photo is of various work from my language area that each student is working on independently. The second photo is of the knobbed Cylinders. The cylinders vary in both height and diameter and hone fine motor skills as well as helping the child to discern between similarly shaped objects.  Generally, Montessori materials and classrooms are purposefully "beautiful."  The materials are intended to be made with natural woods to help the child connect to the natural world- the all encompassing, everything is related idea is something referred to as cosmic education.  It's pretty groovy really and you'd be surprised by how well a montessori kid can pick up on those connections.  

I am happy to answer specific questions you may have and know that in the future, I'll be posting every now and again on this topic and will perhaps have some montessori guest bloggers too!  What would you guys like to know / see on the topic? Thanks to a slew of friends on twitter for wanting to see more of this :) It was just the encouragement I needed!

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