March 30, 2012

Happy Friday! Here's to hoping this weekend's weather is as lovely as it has been the past couple days. A few nights ago we were able to break in the grill and enjoy some dinner outdoors on our pack patio.  There's just something about being able to cook outdoors, have the windows and doors wide open that puts both Nick and I in the best of spirits.  I've got big plans to rip the carpet out of our second floor and stairs this weekend to reveal the hopefully beautiful wood from 1885. Fingers crossed! Have a wonderful weekend, friends.

ps. We're so excited about the grand opening of StreetPops tonight- a gourmet popsicle shop opening up in the Over The Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati. The owner of the shop is a vendor at The City Flea and her amazing popsicles are always a huge hit.  We're so excited for her and this next step! Also, at the opening party tonight, Nicks' photography will be displayed and on sale! Hope to see you! 


March 28, 2012

Something happens with my mind and body every two years or so where I begin to feel discontent and the need for a new adventure- whether it be work, travel, relocation etc. Always something big, life altering and exciting.  Is anyone else this way? For the past 10 years my life has been victim to this cycle:

18- Start college in Cincinnati
20-Transfer schools and move to Chicago
22- graduate and move to Los Angeles
24- Move to New York City with Nick
26- Move back home to Cincinnati, buy a home and start a business
27.5- here we currently reside....ready for something new......

Having just returned from DC over the weekend got me thinking about where our next adventure will take us. We LOVE Cincinnati and our house and our friends and it's not about wanting to relocate cities (again) but more about the need to travel often, work from the road, and live the creative life to full capacity.  Can anyone relate to this or am I just a total basket case? 





March 27, 2012

I'm so excited for my husband.  His photography is now available on the amazing website, Society 6!  You might remember my iphone case?  I'm in love with it and it came from society 6- how fun is that!? Aside from being able to purchase Nick's iphone cases, you are also able to purchase them as art prints to hang in your home.   Pretty exciting stuff! The cases shown here are just a few of my favorites but there are tons to choose from so go on over and have a look!

ps. if you live in Cincinnati, there are some really awesome OTR and Clifton cases / prints you should check out! 


March 26, 2012

DC is so beautiful. Being there was making me miss living on the east coast like crazy (Nick and I lived in Brooklyn for a little over 2 years.) There's just something so charming about the north east coast that I adore. Anyways, I had such a good time visiting my brother with our mom.  The three of us don't usually spend time together, just the three of us anymore and the weekend doing just that was a really nice treat. We sure did drink a lot of coffee :) Happy Monday!


March 25, 2012

This past weekend my mom and I flew to DC to spend some time with my brother and to celebrate her birthday.  We had such a good time and boy do I love that city.  I snapped some shots of our time with my phone, and "real" camera which i'll post tomorrow.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend too!
1. me and my nephew dog, Leroy (this guy is too funny) 
4. Brunch at Silver Diner
5. Some down time in the park
6. Washington monument through the park


March 23, 2012

Happy Friday Friends! I'm in DC this weekend visiting my brother- so far so good! He lives in an adorable neighborhood just outside the city in VA, which  we spent yesterday exploring. Also, I made it to Northside Social (twice)!  Today we're off to the city to see the cherry blossoms! Don't forget to hop on over to the Babiekins blog today to check out my latest post! Have a good one!


March 21, 2012



I love everything about this Bon Iver / S. Carey studio session. When I say on repeat- i mean, on reapeat. I've litereally listened at least 30 times in the past 3 days.  The "I can't make you love me" Bonnie cover is just too good. Happy Wednesday! 


March 20, 2012

Today my little students gathered a small collection of things they found around the playground. I gladly sat at the picnic table while they ran over with handfuls of whatever "pieces of nature" they could gather.  We took our tiny treasures back to the classroom with us, put them in a jar and set them as a centerpiece  on one of our tables.  The simplicity of the activity made my day.....


March 19, 2012

I think we literally spent 90% of this past weekend outdoors- le sigh. It was just dreamy.  Saturday we brunched on the deck with our very closest friends into late afternoon, came home and worked around the yard for a bit, grabbed some mexican takeout and enjoyed an evening with the windows wide open. Sunday we went to church, a baby shower, took walks through the park, napped on the front porch and later had dinner with family. The trees in our yard and around the neighborhood are stunning right now. I do not want their leaves to turn green- right now they're this magical white color that surprises me every time I lay eyes on them.  

PS. We just announced the schedule for the 2012 City Flea season! If you sell something rad and are interested in becoming a vendor, hop on over to The City Flea website and sign up


March 15, 2012

You know those days where things are just good? I hope those days for you are often. A good friend sent me an email this morning written by Brendan Leonard about speaking up when awesome things are happening in your life or your day. If you're taking a walk through the woods and you realize, this is awesome-then say it! There is nothing to be ashamed of in realizing how good your life is.  I liked this line- "Your life, even the bad parts is fucking amazing. Most of the small things that make up your life are amazing, too- bike rides, rock climbs, friends, people, your dog, songs, jokes, smiles, hell even the burrito you ate for lunch today was pretty phenomenal, wasn't it?" ( I can really relate to that burrito comment ) So with that said, don't forget how amazing life is and enjoy the hell out of this weekend!


March 14, 2012

A month or so ago I said I would post every now again about my little preschool class and some thoughts on Montessori education.  Today is one of those days, I guess! We're towards the end of the school year and being with these kids a couple days a week for the past 8 months has been nothing but pure fun.  I'm an emotional teacher and get so invested and attached to these little lives which makes every end of school year hard for me.  I do love a bit of a break from the classroom but knowing our time together is coming to an end is what tugs at the heart strings a bit.  This age (2-6) is so precious and vulnerable.  So much is learned and explored and being able to witness life through their eyes is what I love most about this job.  Recently we've been learning about Africa, volcano's and building teepee's outside with sticks. Preschool is awesome.


So just live it- The way you dream it could be.


March 13, 2012

Nick is home! Yay! The past couple days have been spent spending time together and talking about what happened the last week on both our ends.  Nick had an amazing time traveling and is on this super awesome high of creativity and inspiration. So fun to watch! Sunday I took a mini road trip up to Columbus and scored that amazing vintage blanket you see up there from Tiger Tree. We're trying to enjoy as much outdoor time as we can around here. The weather has been unreal and it has everyone is wonderful spirits. My brother flew in last night from LA and is sticking around for the next 10 days so we're excited we'll get to spend some real time and catch up on life. Crazy how easy it is to slip up on things like that with the ones we love most.  Hope everyone had an amazing weekend as is able to enjoy this weather! 


March 10, 2012

v. VII



March 9, 2012

Happy Friday, all! Fridays might be my favorite day of the week. Who doesn't love this day?! Catching up on blogs, blogging and making plans for the weekend.  In just a bit I'm off on a brunch date with my daddio, and later I've got my best friend coming over for dinner, movies and a slumber party! Nick comes home on Sunday and today he finally arrives in Austin for the SXSW conference to pitch his business! I'm so excited for him! Click HERE to see what his business is about and more importantly sign up to hear when the business goes live- having a certain number of email addresses helps his team move on to the next round! So pretty please!? { I kinda think it's awesome } Also, don't forget to pop on over to BABIEKINS for my Friday post! Have a wonderful weekend! 

PS. I need that truck


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