April 30, 2012

Some scenes from our weekend capture via instagram (are we friends? @littleonelove) We actually had the chance to spend some time hanging around the house (which is pretty rare over the weekends) and it was so nice! There's nothing I love more than just being at home.  We mostly sipped coffee, took walks, celebrated a close friends birthday, visited  Krohn Conservatory (a favorite place of mine) and of course bought some more mini succulents. I have a total addiction to these plants! 

ps. In need of some flowers for our flower boxes, as you can see. Any suggestions? Ya know, something I can't kill in a week :)


April 27, 2012

Happy Friday! New post over at Babiekins today featuring this little beauty and the new to me brand Sudo. Those floral pants! Also, some pretty exciting news coming soon involving something new on the work front. Eeeek! For now I'm off to the dog park then an evening in the city celebrating a friends birthday. This, my friends, is what we call a very good day. Make it beautiful.


April 26, 2012

So excited to have been given the opportunity to write something special over at 513 Eats today.  Please pop on over and check out my piece about evening meal time with my husband. It holds a special little place in my heart.


April 25, 2012

More often than not, I find myself reading other blogs, scouring pinterest, looking through instagram and for the most part, I love the sense of community I feel. The sense that we're all in this together, living as beautifully and simply as we can.  Then there are other times (and I get a sense there's been a lot of this amongst many other bloggers lately) where it gets so hard constantly trying to live up to it all.  The perfect images, the perfect way with words, the perfectly designed office space, etc. Don't get me wrong, all those things- I love working on and finding new ways to challenge myself in those areas but sometimes it just feels like a game when really, this is life we're talking about.  I read other blog posts  and think, I wish I could share that much- get THAT personal. Then other times I think I'm sharing too much- opening a door into our world for a bunch of strangers, and for what?   For the most part, I blog about the good in our life.  I want this space to be a place where people come for simplicity and inspiration but by no means does that mean THIS is the only way our life looks.  We have struggles and our hearts have been broken and we've been lost and we've been unsettled and thankfully we've been able to get back on our feet, grow and reach higher.  Those positive, profound moments are what motivate me to write and share. That's what you see here.  I've been focusing on finding balance (aren't we all) in every aspect of my life and hope that I'm able to continue to do all these things while still staying true to who I am and by always, ALWAYS putting the people in my real life first. 


A few snap shots of some sweet moments in time the past couple of days:
1. the sun light is just right through our kitchen windows early evening.  
2. man talk with a friend who's loft we're just in lust with. Serious vintage heaven.
3. little hands watering seeds
4. my boy riding with his head out the window on the way to "grandmas" house. Don't you wish we could ride this way sometimes? 


April 23, 2012

Happy Monday, friends! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! My girlfriends and I headed south to Nashville for a close friends bachelorette party. I'm as exhausted as that sounds- in a totally, that was so much flipping fun, but now I need a vacation from our mini vacation kind of way :)  Have you guys ever been to Nashville? It's absolutely insane how many bars have live music! After two days away from my sweetie it was a nice surprise to come home to an extremely clean house with fresh flowers in every room (and a new succulent since i've been gushing about them for weeks), AND some nice redecorating touches.  My man is so good. 


April 20, 2012

A few things for the weekend:
-headed to Nashville with my girlfriends and am looking forward to major girl talk all weekend long

Some lovely weekend reads for you to enjoy:
The Forest Knows-minimalist beauty at its finest.
The Fresh Exchange-design goodness and lovely living from the adorable Megan
My Suitcase Heart-beautifully captured moments from Janis with her husband and friends.

Also, Giveaway Winner below!

Sarah A- email me at lindsay@littleonelove.com for details on how to claim your Egg Baby Romper! 


April 19, 2012

Hello! Just a quick post today to say a few things. 1. To my new red pants- i love you (must buy more of you.) 2. To my friends Jess and Brett from Life in Balance photography-you guys are amazing. so glad we've become friends. (photo above via Jess-full shoot coming soon!) 3. to my girlfriends who i'm about to spend the weekend with in Nashville for a bachelorette party- lets do this shiz. Happy early weekend! 


April 18, 2012

In. Total. Love. Very French Gangsters is a French eye wear line for kids that's doing it all right. I mean, how adorable are these glasses!? (The kids kinda help I suppose, but lawdy!)  


April 16, 2012

Family walks are a huge part of our days.  Every night the three of us set out for a walk around the neighborhood. After 8 months of living in our current hood, I'm still struck by how pretty it is.  We live directly across the street from one of the city's most gorgeous parks with wonderful views of the city itself, and still to this day, if the sun is just right, the view is breathtaking....


The D's had an extremely busy weekend! How was yours? Ours look a little like this.
1. a little porch swinging sunday afternoon.
2. iced coffee's and open windows
3. the first Burlington antique show of the season!
4. our favorite, Cafe de Wheels at the flea
5. my honey and I got dolled up for the Cincinnati Arts Association Benefit
6. there we are

Oh, and don't forget- there's still a few days to enter the giveaway for a baby girl or boy outfit from Egg!


April 13, 2012

Over the weekend: 
-Enter the Egg Baby Giveaway! Super adorable rompers for your little miss or mister.
-Take a peek at the B Nature Organic blog.
-Enjoy your days and relax with friends and family
-drink loads of coffee
-stop to smell the flowers.

Also on  the list of good weekend reads:
 This Little Place. An adorable documentation of one family's beautiful life.
Front Porch Spotlight- mama style, family adventures, and precious moments from Katy (with a Y)
Life in Balance-an artistic family's life balancing a photography business, homeschooling and family life- pretty beautifully if you ask me.


I'm so excited to offer a lucky reader an absolutely adorable romper for their little from Egg Baby! I have known this company for some time now and honestly just adore it.  Their prints and stripes are beyond adorable and their fabrics are top of the line.  And for the New York mama's, some exciting Egg news should be on your radar.  They just opened a 3 month only pop up shop in TriBeCa offering clothes from newborn to 6 years, accessories, bedding, Jade's Toy Box books, toys, and games. So fun!
The new store space is huge, so aside from the Egg goodness, they're planning to host classes, art lessons and activities for mommies and babies during the day located at 124 Hudson St.  

*So, how do you enter the giveaway and what are you entering to win you ask? Hop on over to the Egg Baby website to CHECK OUT YOUR BOY OPTION and GIRL OPTION then come back here and leave a comment letting us know which you'd like! 

side note- I used to teach in TriBeCa so I know for a fact some of you mama's need to get your booties in there! Seriously, their stuff is amazing! Good luck to all who enter the giveaway and happy shopping to those lucky New York mamas!  


April 12, 2012

Our bedroom recently got the tinniest bit of a makeover. We changed our bedding to all white- sheets, pillow cases, comforter- bold move with a chocolate lab who refuses to sleep anywhere besides in the bed with us (you guys, he weighs 80 pounds- oy vey) but so far we're able to keep it clean and nice looking. I do love the simple feel of the all white.  The little bird was an Easter gift from my momma and I just love him.  He sits right there on my night table with my books.  He's such a pleasant little decor piece and surprisingly has changed the feel of my entire table. It's funny how making little changes here and there changes the entire feel of a room. We've been spending much more time in our room reading, watching movies, and just hanging out lately. I'm okay with that. 


April 10, 2012

....looks a little like this. I'm loving this bunch of yellow tulips I purchased a few days ago at the market.  I've been able to spread them throughout the whole house and the splash of yellow in various rooms surprises me and puts a smile on my face every time.  Funny how a little bit of happy color can do that. Thank goodness for the abundance of old mason jars we have laying around :) Why is it that the turn of season is always such a refreshing, light, uplifting time? I love that. 


 This trio is just the sound I crave when working / needing to find some inspiration. Happy listening!


April 9, 2012

The weather this past weekend was just perfect for loads of outdoor activities.  On Saturday we took a nice long walk through Eden Park. I love how the sun makes Clyde yawn and squint- hehe. Our Easter was quite lovely too- church, brunch with family, dog park, dinner with family...I didn't snap a single photo and it was just sweet to enjoy being in the moment with everyone.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, too!


April 7, 2012

A favorite past time of mine is scouring the web for beautiful home design images. With us still putting finishing touches on rooms in our house, I'm always so inspired by how other design conscious folks put their spaces together. We're in the middle of a little home office re-do and these spaces are where we're finding inspiration.  I'm sipping coffee and looking on the internet, Nick's out cutting our new desk to be just the right size for our space. I like the way this works..... :) 


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