April 25, 2012

More often than not, I find myself reading other blogs, scouring pinterest, looking through instagram and for the most part, I love the sense of community I feel. The sense that we're all in this together, living as beautifully and simply as we can.  Then there are other times (and I get a sense there's been a lot of this amongst many other bloggers lately) where it gets so hard constantly trying to live up to it all.  The perfect images, the perfect way with words, the perfectly designed office space, etc. Don't get me wrong, all those things- I love working on and finding new ways to challenge myself in those areas but sometimes it just feels like a game when really, this is life we're talking about.  I read other blog posts  and think, I wish I could share that much- get THAT personal. Then other times I think I'm sharing too much- opening a door into our world for a bunch of strangers, and for what?   For the most part, I blog about the good in our life.  I want this space to be a place where people come for simplicity and inspiration but by no means does that mean THIS is the only way our life looks.  We have struggles and our hearts have been broken and we've been lost and we've been unsettled and thankfully we've been able to get back on our feet, grow and reach higher.  Those positive, profound moments are what motivate me to write and share. That's what you see here.  I've been focusing on finding balance (aren't we all) in every aspect of my life and hope that I'm able to continue to do all these things while still staying true to who I am and by always, ALWAYS putting the people in my real life first. 


  1. this post was absolutely beautiful! i loved how open it is, and honest. trust me, sometimes it does feel like we try to be as good or better than other blogs and find those perfect words. but i think if we remember why we started blogging and do it for no one but yourself, you will find that joy again! :)
    xo TJ

  2. Amen. Personally, I found the time I was investing looking around at others for inspiration was actually bringing me down, making me a bit depressed, and really causing me to feel more lost. People are different. So many of their strengths I admire will never be me. Conclusion: to each his own, but I find I need more time OFF-line/media to live a full life and feel truly inspired.

  3. We all have our struggles and points in life we may not be proud of. I know I had a dark time in my life but i found positive people and a will to change. I comend you on your honesty and openness. May God bless you

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies. I think you're right Jess. Taking time AWAY from the online community is where you will find true inspiration. There is nothing more important than being present and spending time and energy with the people in your real life. It's always about finding balance- in every aspect of life, this just happens to be one of them.

  5. And this is why I've never joined pinterest. Only follow 5 photo friends blogs. And maybe 4-5 personal blogs. I don't have time to feel discouraged and down. Nor the energy!
    Ps. I always feel like I share too much, but then there is a ton I'm not sharing, so maybe that's enough? Idk. Blogging is as much stress relieving as it is stress inducing!! Usually more the latter.

  6. well said. i have found, now that i can look back over the past four years of this business/art journey where online perusing has been a large part of it, that i have done and 'do' my best work when i just 'live' and notice the things that are happening naturally around me from moment to moment. for a long time, i made myself NOT look to other photographer's work for comparison or inspiration...but instead, anything and everything else that visually inspired me. as i did when i didn't 'know any better.

    funny thing happens...you started to engage more in the here and now and with those people right in front of me. so i live more in the moment and i am inspired by what i am given or randomly see.

    great post. xo


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