May 31, 2012

I never really knew what to do with these polaroids shot by our friends Loft3 a few years ago. I loved them as soon as they developed- the vintage, carefree-ness of them. But until recently they kind of floated from room to room, hung on the fridge, on the mantle, in a frame etc. I was never satisfied with how they were displayed until recently when I decided to haphazardly tack them to the wall in our office.  Now they hang, in plain view from our workspace and from the doorway to the hallway. They have definitely found  a permanent home.  

Ahhh, polaroids, I wish you weren't gone. The whole process of shooting and not knowing what you will get is perfection. Capturing a moment without the ability to delete and edit. I like that. 


May 30, 2012

Last night was the perfect night for a walk. Something about the mild breeze, sun just beginning to set and not much else to do but be with each other, just walking. It's the simplest of actions, just moving your legs- yet somehow it's peaceful, refreshing and motivating. So, hand in hand we went and that was that.


Something about this photo of Nick and I, I just love.  I think mostly because it was super spontaneous and unexpected. As we were walking through the shop Nick pressed the camera timer and snap- this is what we got! Our friend Dan owns this amazing little shop in the city called Park + Vine- a green general store / coffee shop / food bar / anything else you could possibly need in the green-eco category.  We popped in to help celebrate the store's 5 year anniversary. It's always so fun whenever we're there.  Per usual flashbox was there with the photo booth. Aren't photo booths so fun!? Anyways, I suppose the moral of this post is, we love our city, our friends, kombucha, and random spontaneous photos in the photo booth.


May 29, 2012

Wow, I can't stop thinking about this film.  Spotted over on Amy's blog, I've watched the trailer three times in the past hour.  Beasts of the Southern Wild is about a little girl and her father living in a southern community called the Bathtub. Here's IMDB's description of the film: Faced with her father's fading health and environmental changes that release an army of prehistoric creatures called aurochs, six-year-old Hushpuppy leaves her Delta-community home in search of her mother. // Don't let this "strange" description leave you thinking it sounds silly. Watch the trailer below and see for yourself. Man oh man this little lady deserves an academy award.


There really is something romantic about small town america, isn't there? I constantly go back and forth between fantasizing about a super modern loft in the middle of the city and an 18th century farm house in the middle of the country side.  I think it's why we ended up with the home we did- an 18th century home in the city :) Kind of the best of both our worlds, I guess you could say. Maybe one day we'll be lucky enough to actually own a little farm house and some land while still living in the city. It's nice to dream....

*photo taken in yellow springs, ohio over the weekend.


Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend. There's something magical about them isn't there? Like that one extra day means endless weekend possibilities.  We took full advantage of it and landscaped our entire yard, had a grill out in our little courtyard (a very happy place) and visited the small town of yellow springs about an hour and a half away from cincinnati.  We hiked, ate ice cream, explored the shops and enjoyed the drive through the country.  Here's to an equally wonderful week!


May 26, 2012


May 25, 2012

The last day of school is always a bittersweet day for me- I'm so anxious for two days of the week to be free again- working on whatever projects I have going on, and on the other hand, I know i'll miss my little guys so so much.  Seeing the same little faces week after week creates such a bond, it's hard for me to just accept the realization that it's over- cold turkey.  Thankfully, ALL of my students this past year will be coming back to my class next year! I already can't wait to see how much they've grown.  Yesterday for our last day of class celebration we ate donuts, had a dance party, played outside and....learned the decimal system!? So funny, the materials for the decimal system have been on our shelves the entire year and until yesterday they showed no true interest. Funny how that works- Anyways, I showed one little girl the materials, explained each unit and off she went, totally understanding every complex part- smarty pants.  I'll be excited to pick back up next fall where we've left off. Kids are awesome.


May 23, 2012

Thanks to a friend for sending me the link to new to me photographer, Tobias Zarius. He doesn't only photograph babes but of course it was the work of his I was immediately drawn to.  The crisp bright colors and white space are two aspects of studio fashion photography I absolutely love. Ack! So, so cute!


May 22, 2012

As the seasons change yet again- this time from spring to summer the many roles I play seem to become more and more apparent.  My montessori class is coming to a close for summer break, the Flea is just beginning season two, I've just been brought on board with Babiekins, the shop is still hoping and oh yeah, there's this blog and a few others I freelance for. Just typing it all out sounds insane- and sometimes it can be, but overall I've taken on so many different roles because I truly enjoy each one of them for their own unique reasons.  Multitasking is something I've had to learn how to do well, otherwise there's just no way I could do it all. And please know, I am not at all patting myself on the back here, more so writing it all out to hopefully create a conversation about how to prioritize, take a break when needed, stay motivated and productive and to also let you know that YOU are not alone in feeling extremely overwhelmed at times. Below are just a few "tips" I've found to be helpful in staying productive, positive and for not wanting to rip your frizzy (shown above) hair out- because we've all felt that way at some point.

prioritize your to do list: It's easy to become distracted by other emails, twitter, pinterest, blogs, etc..check your to do list for deadlines and make sure you order your list accordingly.  Things that need to get done by noon, by that day, by the end of the week should be put on your list, wether on paper or virtually in that order. I also find that making physical check marks by things i've accomplished makes things feel less overwhelming.

figure out a routine that works for you: I'm someone who is not a huge fan of routine, hence the 80,000 job descriptions.  Even so, I still need to have a routine for each specific day.  Coffee, music, and emails are usually how I start each day regardless of if i'm heading to the classroom, shop, or working from home.  I feel like I know what needs to get done in the day ahead and catching up on a few emails each morning helps me in feeling less overwhelmed. *feeling less overwhelmed is key here, people.

don't forget about your friends and family: because they ALWAYS come first. the get together invitation that you still haven't responded to in your inbox? yeah, that should be top priority.  Feeling together in your personal life will help you feel together in your professional life.  You never want to be known as the friend who doesn't respond, or never goes to things.  As successful / busy / connected you may be professionally, if you don't have close and frequent connections with your friends and family you might as well kiss the professional life goodbye because truthfully, at the end of the day the PEOPLE in your life are what's most important. By far.

take a break: No one is going to award you a workaholic merit badge at any point in your career(s). Relax, take a break and enjoy your life.  Life is not about work- as passionate as we may be about the work we take on, it's not what gives value to our lives.  Of course you should produce the best work you possibly can, but getting hung up on perfection will make you miserable.  Plus, there's no such thing as perfection- even though we may #hashtag the word on a frequent basis :) On days where I'm working from home I find that walks with my dog around the park, or even just a quick run to the coffee shop to get out of my office help a great deal with coming back to work feeling rejuvenated.  I've also learned that never taking a break, in the end, makes for a way less productive day.

step away from media: set yourself a reasonable time each day to close up shop and be completely done with work.  after 8:00 for me (and my husband) no more excessive checking of emails, twitter, instagram, etc.  Real life connection with the people in your life is not only good for your relationships but allows for a better nights sleep and a more productive morning.  

and finally, drink coffee: because why wouldn't you? :) 

What are some things you guys do to manage your busy schedule, jobs, creative projects, etc? 


May 21, 2012

I'm really in love with the whole, doe antler art thing that's been happening lately. I can't pinpoint exactly what it is yet, but something about the beautiful animal's antlers made to create geometric designs is just so.....good. 

1 // 2 //


This past weekend was one of those that just feels good in every way.  We kicked off year 2 of The City Flea in conjunction with the Over The Rhine Summer Celebration and the turnout, weather, vibe and energy of the city were amazing. We seriously can't thank everyone in this city enough who have helped make the Flea what it has turned into. Aside from that, Clyde and I took a long walk through Eden Park and Mt. Adams then my momma came over to help me plant my window boxes! Yay, pretty window's again! 

ps. The first official Flea is June 9! Food trucks, over 50 awesome vendors, DJ, and all around good vibrations. Mark your calendars! 


May 18, 2012

One last thing to leave you with for the week....DO YOU SEE THE RUBBER DUCK!? I'm so dead and also, can this be my child, please? Everything from the bowtie, to the cuffed skinnies, stripped socks, and lapels are just so, so good. His little face doesn't hurt either.  photo via well groomed.


Happy Friday, all! Hope you had a wonderful week and have something wonderful planned for the weekend.  This past week was exceptionally busy for Nick and I but we're extremely excited that tomorrow kicks off season 2 of THE CITY FLEA! If you're a Cincinnatian be sure to come down to the Over The Rhine summer celebration where we'll be set up! Lots of rad vendors this season that we're just thrilled about.  Tomorrow is going to be a really good time.  Anywho, please check out the following links- I've come across these spaces one way or another and love what they're about and think you will too. Have a good one!
-Currently Coveting by Jessica Comingore - a beautifully curated selection of goodies
- Hitch print shop- the wonderful design goodness from Megan Gilger of The Fresh Exchange
-Rage against the minivan- the whole thing- just good.


May 16, 2012

A lot of bloggers these past few weeks have been participating in the "Things i'm afraid to tell you" posts which is a post idea based around the thought that lately the online world has turned into a place for comparison and for not feeling like enough, as opposed to a place to share and feel inspired. A lot of "their life is perfect" talk (even though we know that is not true for a single person.) So, some courageous bloggers stopped posting their normal types of posts for a day and let their readers know that they're not perfect by posting some pretty deep, heartfelt and brave things. A favorite so far has come from Erin at Design For Mankind. Good stuff.
It's true that mostly on Little One Love you will see and read happy times, happy photos and for the (al)most part- styled to a degree photos.  Is that real life? Yes and no.  Yes, all the posts here are things that are going on in my life, things that have REALLY happened, etc, but NO because of course there are things too personal to share in this space. So while you're getting to see a chunk of our life, you're not seeing all of it.  I am NOT at all trying to have things appear to be perfect, but why make this a space for negativity?  

Things that are between friends or family or my husband and I that do not need to be put on display stay that way. Speaking on a similar topic, I just posted this a few weeks ago and a comment from a friend really struck a chord with me and I think it's something we all can apply to our lives whether you blog, instagram, pin, tweet, facebook, or none of those things- It applies to all of us fighting for  the moments in life where you feel actually present- those moments that are so blissful in their simplicity that you are not thinking about what's going to happen in the next hour, day, week or year.  Jess said- "Personally, I found the time I was investing looking around at others for inspiration was actually bringing me down, making me a bit depressed, and really causing me to feel more lost.  People are different. So many of their strengths I admire will never be me.  Conclusion: to each his own, but I find I need more time OFF line/media to live a full life and feel truly inspired."
It really, really got me thinking.  Saying you're online for inspiration is a load of crap if at the end of the day you feel like less because you can't live up to the images you see on pinterest or other blogs. I need to work on just being the best me and not worry about how others will perceive that.  I need to be more present in everyday life - in my relationships and with myself.  


May 14, 2012

1 // whip cream cape + that sweet little face // 3 // 4


By far my most favorite beverage at the moment- THE perfect combination of sweet and salty and oh so easy to create.  There's this great little children's book store and cafe in Cincinnati that I just love- every smoothie they serve is named after a great children's book- this particular smoothie is The Orange Splot.  Here's what you need:
-Orange Juice
-Vanilla Yogurt (I use vanilla banana)
-Peanut butter

Take a cup of orange juice, a cup of yogurt, about half a banana- cut, and a spoonful of peanut butter. Blend and drink- See? It's that easy and THAT good. Please try it and tell me how right I am about this. Please? Yum, enjoy! 

.....and now i'm drooling.


Bits of our weekend (according to my iphone.)  Hope all the amazing mama's had a wonderful mothers day! I'm so proud and honored to be surrounded by so many incredible mama's. 


May 11, 2012

Trying to live this weekend as carefree, happy and innocent as I can- no projects, work, or deadlines on my mind. We all need time to rest, relax and rejuvenate. Maybe i'll even run through the park, just to run. Not for exercise or anything else other than the feeling of just running. You know, that way kids do- like they're birds on land. Yeah, That.  Happy weekend!


May 9, 2012

Last night Nick and I had dinner over our friends' house, the Zwo's- (you really should be reading their blog too) and we truly could not have asked for a better time.  There are four Z kids, from the ages of 4-12 and I think I could dote about them for days. Between their eagerness to help in the kitchen and the  heartwarming laughter and story telling, we just can't say enough good things.  We're still in the process of really getting to know these kids but let me just say, each and everyone one of them are amazing. Amazing in that way where when you're around them, you immediately take note of how their mama and baba interact with them because wow, are they doing something right! You feel the love and happiness as soon as you step foot in their home.  Whats really awesome is that Nick and I have this wonderful family in our lives, for when it's our turn we'll have something to aspire to. 


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