May 22, 2012

As the seasons change yet again- this time from spring to summer the many roles I play seem to become more and more apparent.  My montessori class is coming to a close for summer break, the Flea is just beginning season two, I've just been brought on board with Babiekins, the shop is still hoping and oh yeah, there's this blog and a few others I freelance for. Just typing it all out sounds insane- and sometimes it can be, but overall I've taken on so many different roles because I truly enjoy each one of them for their own unique reasons.  Multitasking is something I've had to learn how to do well, otherwise there's just no way I could do it all. And please know, I am not at all patting myself on the back here, more so writing it all out to hopefully create a conversation about how to prioritize, take a break when needed, stay motivated and productive and to also let you know that YOU are not alone in feeling extremely overwhelmed at times. Below are just a few "tips" I've found to be helpful in staying productive, positive and for not wanting to rip your frizzy (shown above) hair out- because we've all felt that way at some point.

prioritize your to do list: It's easy to become distracted by other emails, twitter, pinterest, blogs, etc..check your to do list for deadlines and make sure you order your list accordingly.  Things that need to get done by noon, by that day, by the end of the week should be put on your list, wether on paper or virtually in that order. I also find that making physical check marks by things i've accomplished makes things feel less overwhelming.

figure out a routine that works for you: I'm someone who is not a huge fan of routine, hence the 80,000 job descriptions.  Even so, I still need to have a routine for each specific day.  Coffee, music, and emails are usually how I start each day regardless of if i'm heading to the classroom, shop, or working from home.  I feel like I know what needs to get done in the day ahead and catching up on a few emails each morning helps me in feeling less overwhelmed. *feeling less overwhelmed is key here, people.

don't forget about your friends and family: because they ALWAYS come first. the get together invitation that you still haven't responded to in your inbox? yeah, that should be top priority.  Feeling together in your personal life will help you feel together in your professional life.  You never want to be known as the friend who doesn't respond, or never goes to things.  As successful / busy / connected you may be professionally, if you don't have close and frequent connections with your friends and family you might as well kiss the professional life goodbye because truthfully, at the end of the day the PEOPLE in your life are what's most important. By far.

take a break: No one is going to award you a workaholic merit badge at any point in your career(s). Relax, take a break and enjoy your life.  Life is not about work- as passionate as we may be about the work we take on, it's not what gives value to our lives.  Of course you should produce the best work you possibly can, but getting hung up on perfection will make you miserable.  Plus, there's no such thing as perfection- even though we may #hashtag the word on a frequent basis :) On days where I'm working from home I find that walks with my dog around the park, or even just a quick run to the coffee shop to get out of my office help a great deal with coming back to work feeling rejuvenated.  I've also learned that never taking a break, in the end, makes for a way less productive day.

step away from media: set yourself a reasonable time each day to close up shop and be completely done with work.  after 8:00 for me (and my husband) no more excessive checking of emails, twitter, instagram, etc.  Real life connection with the people in your life is not only good for your relationships but allows for a better nights sleep and a more productive morning.  

and finally, drink coffee: because why wouldn't you? :) 

What are some things you guys do to manage your busy schedule, jobs, creative projects, etc? 


  1. Couldn't agree more, just wish it were all easier to implement. Learning how to cut back on workaholism has been a long road for me! You're so right that about the friends & family part. At the end of the day, even if your to do list has been plowed through, you feel you've accomplished nothing if you don't have solid bonds with your loved ones!

  2. I know- It's one thing to say you should do these things and another to actually do them. Some days I fail at following my own advice but on the days I follow my own guidelines I feel much more productive.

    ps. hope life with the new babe is treating you well! both your kiddos are just so so precious :)


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