June 21, 2012

Next week Nick and I are taking a vacation and heading back to New York for our best friend's wedding.  We haven't been to New York together since we lived there almost two years ago now.  That may not seem like a long time but boy oh boy do we miss it.  It's amazing to think back on all the adventures Nick and I have had so far in our life together.  When we first started dating (almost 8 years ago) we lived in Chicago, then after I graduated from college we moved to Los Angeles so I could pursue a career in publicity. After a year there (my pr ambitions didn't last long) we decided we'd try our hand in Brooklyn.  All three cities were amazing for their own special reasons but we both agree that Brooklyn holds a special piece of our hearts. Our first apartment together was on Lafayette Street in Fort Greene- the same apartment we got engaged in one winter night.  Our second home together was just around the corner on Oxford street and we thought we hit the jackpot with this place. 500 sq. feet of perfection just 1 block away from Fort Greene park. Clyde came into our lives in this place and we became the little family of three that we now are. We grew so much as people and as a pair. Life was good in Brooklyn. We're giddy thinking about our visit next week back to our old neighborhood.  If we never leave the neighborhood our entire visit, we'll be blissfully happy.  Eating at our favorite spots, lounging in the park, grabbing coffee and taking walks down those Brooklyn streets. Yep, sounds just perfect.  I'm so lucky that I get to do it all with this man of mine.   


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