June 15, 2012

I've been so quiet on the blog this past week- being busy mixed with lots of goodness and being in the moment has just kept me away. It's always a bit nice when this happens but after a few days I start to really miss this community. This past week I was working with my friend April on her brand new kids summer camp program. It has been super fun and the group of little creatives we've been with all week were absolutely wonderful.  We wrote songs, created art, played games, laughed (hard) and really did have a great time.  I was happy to be a part of this new project my friend decided to create.  Anyways, The goodness in our days really is all around. 
-Nick and I have a little dinner and show date planned this evening.
-Summer weather is in full effect.
-Talked to a girlfriend on the phone for a long time about some pretty deep and inspiring stuff.
-Happiness is in my soul today.
-It's Friday and the weekend plans are looking mighty fine.

PS. a couple new posts over on the B Nature blog.  Have you guys been reading?


  1. i love all of your succulent photos! i too have a fascination with them and actually just planted some new ones this weekend!


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