August 30, 2012

My sweet sweet husband is planning a birthday party for me tomorrow night and I couldn't be more excited! All of our friends are coming and nothing makes me happier than a gathering of these favorite people of mine.  Tomorrow marks 28 years for me.  Crazy to think that this is the last birthday I'll celebrate without a child, a family that consists of just my husband and I.  Next year when I celebrate 29 years, I'll have a 6 month old baby in my arms.  I'm so blessed with where life has taken me these past 28 years. The places I've lived, cities and countries I've traveled, friends I've made, experiences we've had- all of it has been truly incredible and I need to stop every now and then to realize just how so.  28! Just two away from 30! I can't believe it but I've enjoyed nothing more than growing as a person, friend, and wife and I look forward to the next 28 with so much anticipation.  Life is a wonderful journey my friends.... I've been so lucky. 


August 29, 2012

First of all, I swear I change my clothes.  That dang skirt and that dang tank are comfy as all get out so whenever they're clean I throw them on- but like i said, I DO change my clothes - I swear. Secondly, I know I sound like the biggest baby but I needed a little bit of proof (mostly for myself) that this tummy is indeed growing.  I'm sure I'm getting a major eye roll from all you veteran mamas out there but seriously, don't all of us first timers dream of the day that our bellies really pop and strangers start to touch our tummies unexpectedly and without permission? DREAM.  Anywho, these photos were taken just two weeks apart- HELLO! Maybe I am growing after all! Thanks for proving that to yourself, self. 
And so that concludes the blog post about random belly growth thoughts..... Oy vey.


We've been together now for almost 16 weeks.  I keep thinking that each day could be the day I feel you playing.  I can't wait to know the feeling.  I wonder what you will be doing- stretching your legs? getting in a comfier position? Dancing to the music your daddy and I are always playing? Every now and then I rest my hand on my tummy to see if that will make you squirm.  Maybe it does and I just haven't felt yet.  Either way, take your time sweet pea.  I know you are cozy in there and whenever you are strong and big enough for mama to feel your little body squirming around is okay with me.
trying to make my belly look way bigger than it actually is :)


August 27, 2012

V. 11



This pretty new couch now graces our living room.  We've been searching high and low for the perfect mid century sofa and came across this one, almost by accident on craigslist - in perfect condition and for a steal!  It fits with the rest of the room perfectly.  It's hard to tell in the photo but it's this really cool mushroom color with blue stripes throughout.  I'm smitten.  In other weekend, home project news, Nick finished our staircase.  We ripped the carpet up about a month ago and finally got around to finishing them! Home projects are always a pain in the behind but so worth it when you can see the finished product.  So thankful Nick is so dang handy when it comes to anything around our house.  

Aside from home projects we hit the farmers market, went to church and celebrated my birthday (which is on Friday) with Nicks family.  A good weekend for sure! 


August 24, 2012

Spent this afternoon putting together photo shoot for Her Cincinnati Magazine.  The kids were amazing (and adorable!) and the old time diner, sipping coffee (chocolate milk) reading the newspaper  scenes are killing me.  Working with kids, in any capacity for me is the absolute best. Excited now to switch gears and get into teacher mode in a week when a new school year starts.  Happy Friday everyone!   


August 21, 2012

Since Nick and I don't yet know the gender of our baby, we've been eyeing gender neutral clothing, toys and goodies.  I'm not a huge, "this must be girl, this must be boy" kind of person anyways so even when we do know the sex of our baby, we'll still probably lean to gender neutral colors and items. I like natural colors and toys and as much as I'll try to avoid plastic toys I know they'll make their way into our home at some point (I've heard it's inevitable!)  I figure while the baby is still tiny and has no opinion on what he or she has, we'll fill the house with wood and natural toys and hope that becomes their preference. These are just a few of the things I've got on my baby wish list so far!  

// Geo Blanket - Can not find original source. Anyone?


August 20, 2012

These days, with you still the most precious secret to most of the world, have been dragging on and on for what seems like an eternity.  We want to make sure you are completely healthy before we make your announcement.  Just a few more weeks! With that said, I know the moment you arrive on this earth, the time will completely change and move at the speed of light.  I am trying to savor these early weeks with you so tiny.  I know you are in there yet the curve of my belly has yet to truly shift.  I never thought in all my years I would want my belly to grow so much.  I ask God each night and every morning to keep you healthy and growing- those two words- healthy and growing, have consumed my every thought for the past couple weeks and I'm sure they will remain part of my everyday vocabulary from now until the moment you are placed in my arms.  It's funny how time works. When we want it to pass quickly it never does and the moments we wish we could freeze forever pass in a split second.  I want to savor this precious time you and I have together, yet I can't wait for it to be over- For when it's over, you have arrived. 


This past weekend was another City Flea weekend. Flea weekends for Nick and I are always super exciting and fun and equally exhausting.  We spend the entire day at the market getting vendors set up, making sure everyone who requires it has electricity, overseeing the entire market and just making sure things are going smoothly.  We're so thankful our amazing group of 70 or so vendors have the drill down by now and are more than willing to pull their own weight.  My brother and his girlfriend were also in town from DC so having them there and being able to spend some time with them was wonderful.  I always love how good you eat when people are visiting from out of town. We hit up all the good restaurants and had a blast showing everyone around when we weren't working.  Hope everyone else had a good weekend! Busy week ahead! 


August 17, 2012

14 weeks. What a strange time.  I feel like I've been pregnant for ages (I know, ask me at week 40), yet I'm not really showing.  Never having gone through this before it truly is so strange.  I've seen this baby's little body several times, am constantly thinking about the little one's well being yet I have nothing to show for it.  I wake up, for the most part with the teensiest bump and go to bed with a slightly larger one- you know, the kind you have after eating an entire burrito.  I'm anxious for this belly to grow and somehow trying to savor this precious time when to the world this sweet baby is still somewhat of a secret.  Happy Friday, friends.  


August 16, 2012

With the start of a new school year upon us, Montessori, my classroom, new and old little students and upcoming lessons have my mind fairly occupied. I've said in the past that I would try to write every now and again about the method and education in general and answer any Montessori related questions you guys might have, so here we go! For those of you who are new around here, Aside from the other projects I have going on, I am a Montessori trained preschool and kindergarten teacher who teaches a twice a week montessori class full of nine 3-6 year olds. Even though I am only in the classroom on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I take my class very seriously and am always trying to think of new, fun and creative lessons and activities for my littles. With that said, many people are not really sure what Montessori even is and unfortunately the method is often stereotyped as "the kids being able to do whatever they want." This couldn't be further from the truth, and sort of true at the same time. 

The method in general is about creating peaceful independence at a young age where children are responsible for their own learning.  When in an environment that is set up accordingly, it just works.  A lot of people think that if their child is responsible for his or her own learning they won't learn anything, but once a child steps into a Montessori environment that has been purposefully set up, the independent learning and eagerness comes.  In a typical Montessori day the children are exposed to and are allowed the choices of choosing "work" from a range of classroom areas including math, language, practical life, sensorial, geography, art and science.  If a child wants to work on math materials all morning long, so be it.  Odds are they are working to master a particular skill and will want to choose something entirely different the next week. The kids are exposed to real life situations and are responsible for taking care of their environment. This is why in most cases Montessori kids are so dang good at cleaning up their messes, pouring their own juice, wiping up spills, and sweeping up crumbs. These everyday tasks are an important part of their learning.  A Montessori teacher's job is to make sure each child is being exposed to all the area's of the classroom and is consistently progressing in his or her learning by careful observation and guidance.
Even describing the method here still makes it unclear how it actually works.  If you are really interested in seeing the method in action, Montessori schools are more than willing for observers to come into their classrooms to see how the tiny communities function.  I'd actually suggest it.  Observing is a great way to see first hand how independent a 3 year old is, how mixed aged groups work and how much of a self sustaining community each Montessori classroom is. I also came across THIS VIDEO that portrays the montessori classroom beautifully.  I'm happy to answer questions too! I know a lot of you are considering Montessori but were unclear of what it actually is.  I hope this helps just a tiny bit! I'm excited to share some Montessori at home idea's in the future once this little one of mine comes along.  Such fun thinking about incorporating aspects of the philosophy into my own home!


August 15, 2012

Your daddy, from the second we found out you were on your way, has been THE most supportive, and nurturing I've ever seen him be.  He is so worried, in a super adorable way about making sure you are getting all the proper nutrients you need to grow strong.  The night we found out about you, he declared he was going to the grocery store to get all the "super foods" I would need.  A few hours later our fridge was stocked with as many raw vegetables, fish and protein it could hold and a 6 month supply of organic vitamins, just for you.   He leaves us smoothies in the morning, brings us salads in the afternoon and has been cooking every dinner just to make sure we get everything we need.  He loves you so much already too. He'll always take care of us and you never have to feel scared or unloved with him around. Trust me, you're gonna be head over heels in love with your dadda. I can't wait to see that.

ps. thanks to our giant chocolate lab puppy, Clyde for the beautiful scratches in our hard wood floors :)


v. 10
Birds of a Feather is a mini series of home design images paired with complimentary children's fashion photos. Aesthetic, colors, textures and similar feel are all taken into consideration when creating these little posts. Birds of a Feather....go together. 


August 14, 2012

Now that our pregnancy news is out (yay!) I wanted to take a quick moment to talk about how this space will evolve.  All the things you normally see here- design, children's fashion and personal happenings will still be a huge focus at Little One Love and like anytime there are major shifts in my life, this blog reflects that.  I've wanted a child for what feels like forever and now that we have been blessed to start that journey, this blog will certainly reflect my feelings on pregnancy, parenthood, and lots of fun things baby / kid related. When I named this blog long before I became pregnant, I had in mind that when that time did come, I wanted a name that would reflect parenting and motherhood hence Little One Love.  It seemed to encompass my love for children's design and fashion plus the future love for my own little one.  

I hope you'll stick around and join me on this adventure.  I'm thrilled and am eager to share my thoughts and feelings about mama hood and could use all the wisdom from you mama's I can get.

photo via   


August 13, 2012

We have known about you now for only 5 days and already you have filled our life with so much happiness.  I've been waiting for you a long time, and to know that you are finally ready for us brightens our souls in more ways than you will probably ever know.  We've been asking God to lead us in the journey to parent hood and the way he has been working in our lives lately is a true testament of his love for us.  We wanted you so badly and then out of no where God said now was not the time.  He was leading us down another path in which we pursued with such conviction. Our hearts were so dedicated to the whole process but yet again, God showed up and said now is not the time for that either. So we were back at square one- until 4 days later when we found out you were growing in my belly. Our time had finally come and you were so ready. We still think you have a brother in Africa and we are excited about bringing him home to be with us and you, someday. 

Not many people know about you yet, my little one. And although we have only truly known about your presence for a few days, we have felt you in our lives for a long time.  I was created to be your mother and the honor is almost too much for me to bear.  My eyes fill with tears thinking about who you will be, what you will look like, what your laughter will sound like, the scent of your skin.  You are not on this earth yet, and already I love you with more intensity than I thought imaginable.  You are so loved already and in due time, I will be able to touch your sweet face, and smell your sweet baby smell. Keep growing and getting strong and mama will do her best to keep you safe and warm.  Thank you for allowing us the gift to be your mama and papa, our sweet baby.


August 9, 2012

I don't even know where to start.  I've been sitting with this secret for just over 3 months now and feel like I'm at a loss for words.  Excited doesn't even begin to describe how Nick and I are feeling. We're over the moon and already love this baby with more heart, soul and grit I thought possible.  Yesterday we saw this tiny little being of ours kick and stretch and roll onto its little tummy from a screen in the doctors office- our baby, our baby! It still seems surreal- the fact that this tiny little life has begun to form from the two of us.  We're thrilled for what lies ahead and are so glad to share our news.  I'm having a baby!!


August 6, 2012

There's something about dancing with your friends that's just happy right?  The official wedding photos from our dear friends wedding have been making their way around our circle of friends and boy are they fun to look through.  Oh, Darling! shot the wedding and they've quickly become a favorite photography team of mine. A few things these past few days that have happiness written all over them:
-weekend getaways
-movies in bed
-the thought of the august ahead
-popsicles with my husband on the front porch
-puppy swims in the river stream
-my husband in a bow tie


This past weekend we visited my grandma's farm in northeast ohio.  The farm was built in 1850 so while much of it has deteriorated there's still so much beauty in the land that surrounds.  Wildflowers, sunsets, deer grazing in the fields, grasshoppers chirping- all these things I love.  It's nice to visit and remember the family history the farm holds.  

ps. Nick took some really amazing shots of the buildings on the property. You should have a look. 


August 3, 2012

This afternoon Nick and I are headed to the country with my family to visit my grandma on her farm.  It's always so fun to visit the farm. The endless amount of childhood memories of swinging on tire swings in the barn, rolling hay barrels, chewing on tommy grass, and hearing countless stories from my grandma about old ancestors is always such a treat.  It's the sort of trip you have to mentally prepare yourself for- there's not much showering and pampering while you're on the farm.  You pack your oldest jeans and boots and surrender to the fact that you're living farm life for the weekend.  It's such a nice change of pace.  Have a great weekend! 

photo via. (anyone know the original source?)


August 1, 2012

Life the past few weeks has slowed down in a really smooth, comforting, relaxing way.  It happened on accident but the slower pace, less stress and less things on my plate has been such a welcomed blessing.  Before there was social media, blogs, writing jobs, day jobs, and an endless amount of commitments there was just life. Life spent with the ones you love, doing the things you enjoy and it seems like we've been getting back to the simplicity (that I always talk about) just a bit around these parts.  I've realized that when breaks like this happen, the things that truly matter most become so apparent.  Im really taking this last month of summer to soak in the slow pace and lazy summer evenings. Its done my soul some real good.  


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