August 30, 2012

My sweet sweet husband is planning a birthday party for me tomorrow night and I couldn't be more excited! All of our friends are coming and nothing makes me happier than a gathering of these favorite people of mine.  Tomorrow marks 28 years for me.  Crazy to think that this is the last birthday I'll celebrate without a child, a family that consists of just my husband and I.  Next year when I celebrate 29 years, I'll have a 6 month old baby in my arms.  I'm so blessed with where life has taken me these past 28 years. The places I've lived, cities and countries I've traveled, friends I've made, experiences we've had- all of it has been truly incredible and I need to stop every now and then to realize just how so.  28! Just two away from 30! I can't believe it but I've enjoyed nothing more than growing as a person, friend, and wife and I look forward to the next 28 with so much anticipation.  Life is a wonderful journey my friends.... I've been so lucky. 


  1. sorry to miss it! i'll be sending hbd wishes from nyc! love all the chairs in that pic. have a blast

  2. NYC!? I didn't know you were going to the city. Pleasure?

  3. Happy early birthday :) Have a splendid one!

  4. awwwwwww happy birthday!!!


  5. Happy birthday!!!
    Hope you have a great day and another blissful years of life to come :)

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