August 15, 2012

Your daddy, from the second we found out you were on your way, has been THE most supportive, and nurturing I've ever seen him be.  He is so worried, in a super adorable way about making sure you are getting all the proper nutrients you need to grow strong.  The night we found out about you, he declared he was going to the grocery store to get all the "super foods" I would need.  A few hours later our fridge was stocked with as many raw vegetables, fish and protein it could hold and a 6 month supply of organic vitamins, just for you.   He leaves us smoothies in the morning, brings us salads in the afternoon and has been cooking every dinner just to make sure we get everything we need.  He loves you so much already too. He'll always take care of us and you never have to feel scared or unloved with him around. Trust me, you're gonna be head over heels in love with your dadda. I can't wait to see that.

ps. thanks to our giant chocolate lab puppy, Clyde for the beautiful scratches in our hard wood floors :)


  1. I'm dying a bit over those little shoes!!!

  2. I know! I can't wait 'till there are some teeny feet in there!

  3. Sweetest shoes ever! & I love this little post. Congrats :)

  4. Mama this just made me cry with so much happiness and love for you two! You and nick were made to be parents, baby D is so beyond lucky to have you two.... Xoxo!


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