August 29, 2012

We've been together now for almost 16 weeks.  I keep thinking that each day could be the day I feel you playing.  I can't wait to know the feeling.  I wonder what you will be doing- stretching your legs? getting in a comfier position? Dancing to the music your daddy and I are always playing? Every now and then I rest my hand on my tummy to see if that will make you squirm.  Maybe it does and I just haven't felt yet.  Either way, take your time sweet pea.  I know you are cozy in there and whenever you are strong and big enough for mama to feel your little body squirming around is okay with me.
trying to make my belly look way bigger than it actually is :)


  1. Really enjoying your Dear Little One posts! It is the most magical thing when you feel the first baby kicks...that is one of the things about being pregnant that I miss the most! There is no way to truly describe the feeling or capture it in words. I will say, enjoy and savor every kick and squirm you feel, they are the best:)
    xo, Benicia

  2. Hi,
    I'm a new reader. I just want to say you're so stinking cute...waiting for your belly to grow and feeling those kics. I've had two babies and what you are waiting for is so incredible, and I'm just so happy you're sharing with all of us.


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