February 11, 2013

I can not believe one week has already passed since our Ruthie girl's arrival - 9 days really. We survived and this whole mothering thing, i'm finding, was meant for me.  Is this what happens when you have a kid though? Time seems to suddenly move at an alarming rate? I'm excited and extremely sad at the thought of her growing so quickly.  I want to keep her this way forever, but I also can't wait to watch her little personality come to life.  It's true what they say - once you become a parent, the love you will feel for your child is so immense it almost hurts.  In the 9 days Ruthie has been with us my heart has grown so big I sometimes feel like it might burst.  

ps. Ru is not sleeping on her tummy in this photo- just a few minutes of tummy time -we know all about "back to sleep" :)


  1. Yes time flies, and even if your heart bursts, it will be all love pouring out. So happy for you :)

  2. So beautiful!
    I am due in ten days. And even though this one is my second, I am giddy like a child when I imagine my little newborn all cozy in his crib. Congratulations and thank you for sharing!

  3. awwwwwww! We had to let our baby sleep on her tummy from 3 months because it was the only way she'd sleep!

  4. Just discovered your blog and I love it :) congratulations on the birth of Ruthie, she's beautiful! We had our little girl Josephine just over a year ago and our hearts still burst even more every day with love for her. Enjoy these first weeks, they go so fast! I'm looking forward to reading your past posts and following your new ones xx

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  6. So happy for you, sweet mama. If you ever make it out to northern Cali, holler! I'm totally not opposed to arranged marriages, if you don't mind little Ruthie falling for an older fella. ;-)


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