March 29, 2013

I knew today would be good when I woke up to an email from a friend that said, Hey today is supposed to be beautiful, wanna bring the babes to the park!? Of course I did! So off we went to enjoy our morning at the park with friends, coffee and babies. Of course my little Ru slept through the entire play date but it was fun to be out in the sunshine watching her older little friends play. When we got home she was wide eyed and ready to kick and talk on the floor. This little girl you guys is becoming quiet the talker.  I laugh out loud at her squeals, gurgles and coos! I just think she's so funny. Tonight Nick and I have big plans for indian takeout and a movie and we're looking forward to the Easter weekend with our families.  We went to a worship service at our church on Wednesday evening and I've been feeling extra light since.  Our pastor's enthusiasm for the holiday was contagious and it was such an uplifting night.  So I'm wishing everyone else a wonderful good Friday and Easter weekend. There's so much for us to be happy about- I mean the sun is shining after all and there's no snow on the ground so that's at least something, no? Have a great weekend! 


March 28, 2013

/  A couple more inches off my locks- I think i'm done now. Also, baby eye balls! 
/ If spring wont come outdoors, we're bringing it in.
/ Sweet girl of mine.
/ A little student of mine came for a visit. She mostly wanted to play with Clyde and have a snack :)
/ Afternoon coffee and cake with my aunts, gram and momma for my moms birthday!
/ Our first time using the Ergo. We loved it. 

ps. sorry if you follow me on instagram- I stole all the photos from my feed :) 


March 25, 2013

This past Friday marked the first talk of the Cincinnati creative mornings chapter at the 21c hotel.  Creative Mornings was founded by Tina of Swiss Miss fame and since launching the concept just a couple years ago there are now chapters all over the world.  Nick is on the organizing team here in Cincinnati and is also the photographer of the team- his shots from last weeks talk are HERE so check them out! The idea behind creative mornings is pretty simple (and awesome)- bring the creative community together once a month for breakfast and a short 20-30 minute talk by an industry leader, mover, shaker, creative, or anyone else who can offer a bit of  creative inspiration. It really was so nice to take the morning for connecting with other creatives in my city.  I think sometimes with the accessibility the internet gives us we often forget about the importance of engaging in real life. 

It was such a fun and inspiring morning of networking, coffee drinking, and talk listening. Bill Donabedian was our first speaker and did such a fantastic job. Here in Cinci he's known for founding the biggest and best music festivals - midpoint and bunbury -Pretty rad hearing his take on our community and learning a bit about how he operates his business.

As a fun little side note I was responsible for curating and facilitating the breakfast table.  I was able to round up most of The City Flea baked goods vendors for an awesome breakfast spread. It was a delicious and super fun job and I look forward to it all again next month! 

What are some things you guys do to stay feeling connected and inspired? PS. Ruthie is officially the youngest creative mornings attendee :)


Yay! Tea is having a sale and I wanted to make sure you know about it.  The South Africa collection is super adorable and perfect with spring on the horizon.  It's certainly hard to get into spring mode when  the SNOW will not stop falling in Cincinnati and maybe where you are too. Hopefully a little online shopping will do your soul some good :) We need spring!! Hop on over to the SALE and let me know what you get! 


March 21, 2013

"a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013"

My little Ru bear content as can be playing on the floor.  PS. she's really starting to smile at mama. I think another week or two and we'll have a full blown smiler on our hands :)


March 20, 2013

Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet often posts her "currently's" and I always think they're so fun to read. It's nice to have a peek into those sometimes silly and sometimes meaningful things that we are currently into, so here we go!

Watching: To be honest Nick and I don't really have a show that we sit down to watch each week.  We did however just recently watch breaking bad and downton abbey like crack heads catching up on every season in a matter of weeks.  Isn't watching an entire series back to back like that so fun? I can remember us doing the same thing with Lost.  It was like we couldn't wait to get home from work so we could watch lost for 3 hours straight. Ha! We also just saw Argo which was so, so good. Oh and also, now that I'm home during most days, I've become a Dr. Phil addict. I'm not even ashamed.

Listening to: The new Justin Timberlake album, Bon Iver and Ben Howard.  These have been my go to for the past couple months. I'm also dying for a new Of Monsters and Men album 

Planning: The upcoming City Flea season and a few summer trips. We've got a New York and Colorado trip in the works and we're so excited to be traveling as a family of three this summer!

Thinking about: My daughter.  I find myself constantly thinking about the world we live in and how we can bring her up with confidence, passion, happiness, adventure, empathy and service. When I'm not thinking of those big picture things i'm thinking about her next set of vaccines, how many hours she's sleeping each night and how I could literally eat her face off. I just cannot get enough of her :)

Looking forward to: Warm weather!  The sun is shining bright today but it's still in the 30's.  Im desperately craving tank tops, picnics in the park, iced coffee, and hours of porch swinging.  Can't wait!

Reading: Volume 6 of Kinfolk while I wait for volume 7 to show up on my doorstep.  Also, The happiest baby on the block and the novel Resistance by Anita Shreve. 

Making me happy: My family.  We're still pretty much on cloud 9 as a new family of 3.  It's been really amazing and I still have plenty of moments each day where I can't believe she's mine. Life is just so sweet right now.

THE 52 PROJECT / 02/52

March 15, 2013

"a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013"

This week baby girl has turned into a 'lay on my back and kick and coo machine.' Her little bird noises make my heart leap.  She's a different babe than she was just last week and I love every second of watching her grow.


March 14, 2013

(don't mind my dirty mirror :)

Baby girl. My sweet girl. It's been a while since Ive written you , almost 3 months to be exact and my how things have changed.  Tomorrow you will be 6 weeks old and I just can't believe how much you have grown and how much happiness you've brought into this already happy home.  You really are such a good baby.  We took to each other right away and thankfully adjusted to a routine at home as soon as we welcomed you into it.  You are just starting to smile and smirk at things- not 100% yet but I'm sure I've caught you smiling a time or two at mama's silly noises and kisses to your belly and little hands.  You loved to be snuggled and while you can't totally hold your little head up on your own you love to be sitting up so  you can see the world around you. Your eyes- oh my goodness, your eyes! They are so big and bright and when you are fully awake I can't take my own eyes off your precious big eyes! They're blue like daddy's but they're shaped like mine- everyone says you're my mini me. It's hard to see myself in you but I take it as the biggest compliment because baby, you're so beautiful. 

Soon you will be smiling and laughing and babbling like crazy.  I can not wait to hear what your little pip-squeak of a voice will sound like but in the meantime I am cherishing what little newborn time we have left.  Our days together are so dang cherished and I love that we've gotten into such a good groove with one another.  We snuggle in bed until late morning and then when we're both ready you lay in the bathroom while I shower taking in the bright lights and sound of running water.  We get you dressed and think of some reason to get out of the house for a couple hours.  We usually nap late in the afternoon and when daddy gets home he swoops you up for all the snuggles he missed out on while he was away at work.  

It's fun to think about what kind of little person you will be.  I can already tell that you are going to be good natured and laid back, sweet and kind hearted.  You are who you are and I'm so fortunate to be the one who gets to help nurture your spirit.  

I cannot believe how lucky I am to be your mama and spend my days with you.  I swear I've loved you for a million years.....


March 13, 2013

/ today baby girl and I didn't technically get out of bed until 11:30. (We were up every few hours of course so i'm not THAT lazy)

/ today the snowfall outside is beautiful. It's a love hate relationship.

/ today baby girl laid on her back kicking and cooing content as a little bird for well over an hour.  I cannot wait until she really starts babbling.  Her little coo's are just too dang cute.

/ today I carried my baby down the stairs in the dirty laundry basket.  Why have I not been doing that all along!? Saves me several trips up and down the stairs!

/ today we are heading over to my in laws for coffee and grand baby snuggles.

/ today I did two loads of laundry. (huge mama win)

What are you up to today?


March 11, 2013

Happy Monday, friends! Hope you were able to find some relaxation and fun this past weekend.  The weather in our area finally started to warm up and we were able to get out and about on Sunday to enjoy it a bit.  Ruthie took her first ride in the stroller and as you can tell she was thrilled :)  We eased our way into Sunday quiet slowly, sipping coffee on the porch swing enjoying the warmer temperature.    That time change sure did a number on us.  We didn't get out of bed until noon but hey, it's light until 7:30 pm now! Yay! Ru also made her first visit over to Grandma's house. Grandma was in heaven.  And that last photo? Gosh, it sure is fun waking up each morning to that sweet thing.   


March 7, 2013

I don't know what it is about bringing home a new baby but between chopping 10 inches of my hair and the strong desire i'm currently having to spruce some things up around the house, it's obvious change is a major theme in my life right now.  I do love our house and am proud of the style we've created throughout it but i'm at a place right now where i'm sick of looking at the same mantle display and items on our bedside tables.  The above images are pretty in sync with the style or our home and I'm finding some major inspiration in them.  I just saw this post over on a cup of jo and am feeling the same way about possibly lowering our bed. So fun! It's always fun to change things up every now and again and I figure we better do exactly what we want before it's time to start baby proofing everything!

images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4


March 6, 2013

"a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013"

This little project has been floating around the interwebs since January (started by jodi at che and fidel) and since our little Ru didn't arrive until February (yes I do realize it's March) I'm just now starting the project.  Anyways, here she is just a few days beyond 4 weeks, sweet as a button napping the afternoon away after receiving her first vaccination, poor girl. I'm excited to document her growth and watch her little personality emerge more and more as the weeks pass.  


March 4, 2013

Today we took this sweet girl of ours to her 1 month wellness check and we're proud to say she passed with flying colors.  She now weighs 7 lbs 8 oz! That's almost 2 whole pounds in 2 weeks! Excuse me for a moment while I feel extremely proud of that fact. It's nice to know that all the hard work that comes along with breastfeeding really, really pays off.  On another note, today was the first vaccination she received and as it turns out I'm not so good at watching my baby girl be in pain. (Next month she gets 4! How in the world do we do this and not totally break down!?) Driving home from the office I was thinking about how I so wish I could have taken the pain for her- even though it only lasted a second- it was a second too long for this mama to bear.  How will I possibly be the support and encouragement she needs as she grows when all I'll want to do is take the pain away for her and keep her in a little bubble of happiness- pain free.  Aside from the physical pain she will experience at various points in her life, what about the emotional pain?  The first time a friend rejects her or calls her a name. Or the first time she doesn't succeed at something she's worked so hard on, or her first heart ache.  How will I not immediately swoop her up in my arms and tell her it will all be okay even when I'm not sure if it will be?   I want to be the kind of mother who is what her daughter needs in each particular situation.  I want her to learn from trial and error and make mistakes and figure out a way to handle rejection and heart ache without me there by her side. I do. But when it comes right down to it, how will I do it? Isn't it our job to protect our children at all costs? Isn't it incredibly hard to find the balance between protecting and over protecting? This post written by Melissa on the same subject brings tears to my eyes and is so perfectly written.

I'm anxious to learn as we go and pray that I'm able to be what my daughter needs throughout her life.  Seasoned mamas- I'd love to hear your experience with allowing your children to "fight their own battles" vs. fighting the battles for them.  


March 2, 2013

Every now again I come across something in the blogosphere that sticks with me and for whatever reason find myself visiting often, over and over again, not being able to quiet let go of what I've seen and read.  Wandering with Mary is a blog written by Mary who's documenting her time in Uganda, Africa where she teaches orphans photography. Amazing, right?  She seems to have such a big heart and reading her words has touched my own heart in so many ways.  This story is beyond beautiful, had me in tears, had me questioning a lot of things with my faith and at the same time warmed my heart and soul to the core.  Talk about strength, courage and unconditional love.  Please visit and enjoy reading her beautiful stories and images. 


March 1, 2013

My goodness. 4 weeks already!? I truly cannot believe that our sweet Ruthie has been with us for a month now.  It seems like just yesterday she was born.  The memories and emotions from the day of her birth are still so fresh, it really is hard to believe that was one whole month ago.  What can I say about this sweet girl of ours?  Every day I think about what this little girl will be like in just another year or two while trying to hang on for dear life with this precious time we have with her as a teeny tiny babe. Will she be silly, shy, creative, independent, stubborn - it's so fun to imagine this tiny baby as a little person.  Already in just one month she has grown and developed so much.  She's gained over 1 whole pound, makes eye contact, loves looking at books and taking car rides, also loves being worn by mama in the moby wrap and is such a good little tummy timer.  Her most alert, wide awake times are between 9 and 11 am and 9 and 11 pm (little stinker) but her awake hours increase a little more as each day passes.  She sleeps well through the night, waking every 2 1/2 - 3 hours.  She doesn't require much to be put back to sleep although we both love a little snuggle time in mama's bed before putting her back in her co sleeper.  

This past week we ventured out for errands and coffee and lunch dates each day and i'm starting to feel like a normal human again.  It's been so nice! I know over the next 4 weeks we are going to see her grown and develop in some big ways. It's so exciting to watch her grow and I can't tell you what a gift it is to be her mama. Just yesterday, while pulling into a parking lot to nurse Ru in the backseat of the car, I had a conversation with my cousin about what a gift parent hood is.  Truly. These mundane duties of simply caring for a little one are what make this life so cherished. 

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