March 4, 2013

Today we took this sweet girl of ours to her 1 month wellness check and we're proud to say she passed with flying colors.  She now weighs 7 lbs 8 oz! That's almost 2 whole pounds in 2 weeks! Excuse me for a moment while I feel extremely proud of that fact. It's nice to know that all the hard work that comes along with breastfeeding really, really pays off.  On another note, today was the first vaccination she received and as it turns out I'm not so good at watching my baby girl be in pain. (Next month she gets 4! How in the world do we do this and not totally break down!?) Driving home from the office I was thinking about how I so wish I could have taken the pain for her- even though it only lasted a second- it was a second too long for this mama to bear.  How will I possibly be the support and encouragement she needs as she grows when all I'll want to do is take the pain away for her and keep her in a little bubble of happiness- pain free.  Aside from the physical pain she will experience at various points in her life, what about the emotional pain?  The first time a friend rejects her or calls her a name. Or the first time she doesn't succeed at something she's worked so hard on, or her first heart ache.  How will I not immediately swoop her up in my arms and tell her it will all be okay even when I'm not sure if it will be?   I want to be the kind of mother who is what her daughter needs in each particular situation.  I want her to learn from trial and error and make mistakes and figure out a way to handle rejection and heart ache without me there by her side. I do. But when it comes right down to it, how will I do it? Isn't it our job to protect our children at all costs? Isn't it incredibly hard to find the balance between protecting and over protecting? This post written by Melissa on the same subject brings tears to my eyes and is so perfectly written.

I'm anxious to learn as we go and pray that I'm able to be what my daughter needs throughout her life.  Seasoned mamas- I'd love to hear your experience with allowing your children to "fight their own battles" vs. fighting the battles for them.  


  1. i think i cried more than william did when he got his first set of shots :( it was awful. for us, at least, the next batch got better!

  2. Congratulations on your beautiful little girl, Lindsay. I'm so grateful that you've chosen to share your journey as a new mother on this blog. I don't think there's any such thing as a perfect parent, but if you raise your little girl with love, you'll always be the kind of mother she needs.

  3. Thanks, Alice. I'm happy to hear you are enjoying reading my journey through motherhood. It's been so fun and scary! and I think you're right- as long as my child is loved we'll figure the rest out and you can bet she's loved!

  4. Yeah, it's tough. I watch my 5yo on the playground and cringe thinking of all the awkward and painful social experiences just starting, and all that's ahead still... It's amazing how your child's pain becomes your own, and sometimes felt even more deeply, it seems, than they do themselves (at least at these early ages, when we may be projecting our own memories and pain onto experiences that aren't nearly as big a deal for them yet...).

    It's also tough to watch them get frustrated and try to find their own way, but we just try to support them and empathize while still letting them take the reigns. Which, again, is so much easier now when they're little...

  5. you follow the best blogs! the posts you write and link to make me cry more than anything else these days :) Liam's first few visits with vaccines were hard too, but now he cries just upon seeing the nurse come in, which makes it a lot easier to be strong to comfort him (you can see his over-dramatization already, hah!). you're doing everything she needs for now- you're a great mama!

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  8. I love the honesty in each of your posts - it's so relatable! And I agree with Kelly - you do follow the best blogs! I'm always finding interesting reads through your site. Thank you!


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