June 6, 2013

These last few days I've been thinking a ton about how I want to spend my time and where it's best spent. The truth is, I want to spend my days giving Ruthie the undivided attention she needs and deserves. I want to leave my phone tucked away when I'm out to coffee with a friend or having dinner with my husband. I want to spend more time alone with a book or nothing at all- time to just breathe and think without checking twitter or instagram. Like most these days, having my iPhone by my side every second of the day is a delusional must. I need to see who's tweeting what when, instagramming, blogging, pinning, facebooking, etc. It's gross and Im sick of feeling like an addict to my device. At the end of the day, it does not matter at all who was active on social media that day. What matters is that my daughter, husband and friends or family I may have seen that day got my full attention while in my presence-that I was attentive to them and that they knew I was happy to just be with them. 

I worry for how Ruthie will grow up surrounded by devices and screens and fear she'll "learn" so much through a google search.  I so badly want her to understand the value in genuine human interaction. How to make eye contact, shake someones hand, open doors for strangers, say please and thank you. It saddens me that so many kids today lack these values simply because they have grown up with an ipad at their fingertips. My hope is that Nick and I are able to set a better example. We want to show her the outdoors, keep our phones and laptops put away when she's near and just enjoy being together without needing a screen to entertain us. With so much of my work life centered around blogging and social media I think a good way for me to keep it all in perspective is to hold "business hours." Early in the morning before Ru wakes i can enjoy a cup of coffee and knock some emails and blog posts out. Later in the afternoon when she goes down for a nap, same thing. I just keep thinking, I have one shot at raising this little girl right and I really just want to give her my best self.

Does anyone else struggle with this? Kids or not, we all seem to be so insanely connected to the online world, we're missing out on the real, good stuff. 


  1. Oh girll, your words are music to my ears. I've been doing so much thinking on this, esp since we became parents. I've recently started having technology free weekends, and that really seems to help. I also need to make a better point during the day to limit it to just while rubes is napping. Technology can be such a blessing and curse. The good thing is that we can choose what we do with our precious time and how we raise these little gifts. Even if that means being counter cultural :) Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I struggle with this all the time, and I don't even have a legitimate blog. I just got an iPhone for my birthday, and it's been attached to me. I'm glad you posted this. It's always good to see other's are going through similar things. Love your blog!

  3. i agree with this post. i think the hardest part for me is that i love to capture the "little moments" but at the same time, i hate that my phone is always in my hand. i love to look back at my instagram feed and go "aww that was such a fun day!" and those are the times that i'm torn. but, we have a new rule now that when we are having meals together , the phones go away. and no more phones on the nightstand while we sleep!

    1. I'm with you. I love to be able to snap a decent photo with my iphone at any given moment but I think realizing that I don't need to constantly be checking what others are posting or saying and having time away from any type of screen when I'm with my family is the goal. What a crazy time we live in that this type of thing is such an effort, right?

  4. This post totally resonates for me.
    Just this weekend I was sitting next to a chatty older couple in a restaurant thinking, "Not once have they looked at their phones. How lovely that must be."

  5. it's refreshing to see that there is a shift in consciousness happening with this topic. we aren't alone with wanting to find this need for balance. it becomes such a habit to be plugged to the phone and share our instants with the world. thanks for sharing. totes on the same page and posted my draft earlier in the week too.


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