June 19, 2013

Just wanted to pop in real quick today to let you guys know Ru's nursery is featured over on Disney Baby! Thanks to my good blog friend Lacy for seeking us out for the feature. If you are curious / interested, I blogged a bit about Ru's nursery here and here. 

ps. we're headed to New York in a couple days and I'm hungry for tips on how to keep a 4 1/2 month old entertained in the car for 10 hours. Any and all suggestions welcome! 


  1. So happy to do the post!

    We took Addie on a long roadtrip when she was little. Driving through the night really helped but you may not have that option.

    We took both girls on a 28 hr road trip last weekend and it was... an adventure :)

    Good luck!


  2. I love this nursery - and I especially love the dresser that your baby changing mat is on. I would love this in my house! As I'm not a parent I'm afraid I couldn't offer any good advice on your car journey - but I second the comment above - my parents always made the longest bit of the journey during the night so we would sleep. We had a pillow and blanket in the back of the car and by the time we woke there wasn't much further to go - maybe only four hours. Hope it goes ok for you!


  3. Lindsay, this is just gorgeous! I love how modern and minimalistic it is, yet it doesn't feel cold + uninviting at all (impressive)! Little Ruthie is such a lucky girl to be able to grow up in such a beautiful space--I imagine lots of adventures and tea parties happening here. :)


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