July 22, 2013

This past weekend we hit the road and traveled to Hocking Hills, Ohio with a few of our closest friends. A quick 3 hour car trip and we were immersed in the most beautiful farm land and wilderness. It was the first time both Nick and I had been there and we were absolutely delighted with what we found. Our cabin was tucked away in the forest and driving from hike to hike we found some of the most beautiful farms Ohio has to offer. We of course didn't hike the most strenuous hikes (hello babies) but we were definitely able to get in there and explore the area. The giant rock formations, lush greens and waterfalls were so cool.  We will definitely be going back soon! 

PS. It sure is fun to travel with your friends who also have babies. We seemed to all be on the same pace, no expectations, no judgements over fussy babes, okay with going back early for nap and bedtimes, etc. I'd say this was the perfect family weekend getaway.


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