July 1, 2013

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Oh this baby. Over the weekend we took Ru for her very first swim at Nicks parents house. It was the first time she's ever felt the cold water but we figured she'd love it based on how much she giggles, kicks and squeals at bath time each night. Nick and I were giddy getting in the pool with her and it was so much fun experiencing this first with her. We're happy to report that she loved it! We didn't stay in too long but she loved bouncing in and out of the water and kicking her little feet. On the drive home last night, Nick and I decided life sure is a heck of a lot more fun with this little girl around. We can't wait to get this little fishy in the water again soon!


  1. oh that sweet lil face! didn't know nick's parents had a pool, how fun! ps nice hat :)

    1. Yeah, it will be so fun next summer when she's actually swimming! and Thanks :)


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