July 12, 2013

Today Im trying my best to take some intentional time out to forget all the silly material things I'd like to have, all the home projects I'd like to complete, the things my home lacks, the way I'm not nearly as good at gardening as I'd like to be, how I still wish cooking was something I truly enjoyed, and the list could go on..... and JUST BE. Be happy with the things I've got, the things I'm good at, the way my life has evolved and how truly, truly wonderful this little life of ours is.  

A walk in the park, some porch swinging with my girl, a good cup of coffee and this amazing weather today. Yes. I think things today are just as they should be. Happy Friday friends!

ps. Tomorrow is the July edition of the City Flea. Come on down!


  1. needed to read this. just the right message at just the right moment. thanks!

  2. so well said! I say this as a reminder to myself daily.


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