August 19, 2013

If we're pals on Instagram- sorry about this weekend! It was just one of those ones where lots of goodness kept happening and I couldn't help but whip my phone out so often. Flea market weekends are generally that way. If you came down to the Flea this past weekend- Thank you! This market will go down as one of the best yet!  On Sunday our little family took a long walk to coffee and soaked in the gorgeous weather. Aside from being busy with running our market, I continue to work hard on getting this girl of ours sleeping better during the days. Not quiet there yet but I'm hopeful we'll get there soon.  Later in the afternoon our neighborhood pop up beirgarten was in full affect and it was such a fun way to close out the weekend. A little student of mine was actually there too! It's always so exciting for littles to see me out in the "real world" (and for me too!) I love having the chance to hang out with students outside of the classroom. Speaking of, I can't believe I'm back to teaching part time in just two weeks! Where have the past 7 months gone!? Here's to a wonderful week!


  1. First off-- I LOVE that you put your little girl in a little boy's H&M shirt. I saw that post on IG this weekend and smiled. I put my little boy in girls' jeans ALL THE TIME. I like him to follow the skinny-jean trend. :-)

    Second- are you a teacher? I saw on your about page that you run a flea market (uber cool, btw!) but then this post confused me. I ask because I am a school counselor and I have a blog and a baby and I CANNOT FIND ENOUGH TIME TO KEEP UP! I love your blog and your IG thread so I am inspired... :-)

    Loved the over-gramming this weekend. Keep it up. babies are cute.

    1. Hello there! I'm glad you can relate to the gender crossing apparel! There's so much cute stuff that works for girls in the boys sections- I sometimes just look there first :)

      Yes, I am a teacher. I only teach part time (just on Tuesday and Thursdays) which gives me most of my days with my baby and time to work from home (on the blog, a few other writing gigs and behind the scenes stuff with our market) It's sounds like a lot but even just spending an hour a day on stuff allows me to get it all done for the most part. And if I don't, then I don't. Right now I'm most concerned with focusing my time and energy on my daughter and whatever else gets done is a kind of added bonus :)


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