September 30, 2013

Hello friends! Happy kick off to a fresh new week. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend filled with all the good stuff. Here's just a little glimpse of what ours looked like. If we're instagram friends, you've already seen these! (Sorry!) 

Anyways, on Sunday we brunched with family to celebrate my mother in laws birthday. We tried a new to us spot in the city called the Symphony Hotel and gosh were we all impressed. It was so yummy, quaint and charming. I'm already scheming plans to get back! If you live in Cincinnati, GO. Then we strolled over to the park so baby girl could swing. She absolutely loves the swings at the park. 
Also over the weekend, Ru and I found ourselves with a few hours just her and I so we went for a little mama and baby date to the zoo. There is a baby gorilla just 3 days older than Ru that I have been trying to see every month since she was born and this weekend we actually got to see her! My heart swelled watching her hang on to her mama and play. If you don't know the story of Cincinnati's sweet little Gladys, have a read here. It really is such a great story!

Cheers to a weekend for the books!


September 26, 2013

Sometimes I just can't even handle this girl and her happy, sweet, giggly, little confident soul. She is ready to swim in oceans and climb mountains. And I'm ready to watch her do it all from the sidelines with my sign held high - 'wave to me from the top, baby!' Seriously. Where does she get her awesomeness from? I would love to take credit but I'm not nearly as wonderful as she is. Hence, I just can't even handle her sometimes. You all saw this photo, right? I mean, COME ON! Okay, enough gushing about my own kid. It's just, the thing is, I adore every single thing about the season of babyhood. Babyhood with this particular baby. The out of control kicky legs, the slobbery chin, the sharp little fingernails, the squealing, rocking her to sleep and all the firsts - first time rolling over, sitting up, scootching and the ones we haven't yet gotten to. This baby is ready to be on the move -exploring and conquering. I look forward to it all. For now though, I'm breathing as slowly as I can while we relish in the handful of baby months we have left where it's just her and I and papa too.


I stumbled upon Ace & Jig not too long ago and totally fell in lust with THESE PANTS. Because how could you not! Then, I found out they have a kids line and Ruthie says she needs all of it all. I mean! Look! At any rate - it's all good and I'd like at least one piece for my girl before she's 18. Hey, Happy almost weekend!


September 25, 2013

I've been back to work part time now for three weeks and the truth is, my heart is just not adjusting well. I haven't broken down, shed tears or anything like that, but every monday and wednesday night I just feel heavy knowing I have to wake up the next day and leave my baby. When I'm there, working with my students and interacting with parents and colleagues I'm okay and focused (sort of.) But every so often (mostly often) I catch a glimpse of my Ruthie's photo hanging on my bulletin board or see a tiny little hand reach for a puzzle piece and I am overcome with longing for my babe. The thing I struggle with as a woman and mother is that I feel like I have no right to complain about my situation. My daughter is not in daycare when I'm gone and I'm only gone 14 hours a week yet I just can't shake that while it is a good situation over all, I'm not yet open to the idea of being away from her even for an hour. Yesterday my mom took her out to a playdate with her cousin and I couldn't stop thinking, 'she's out there, in the world without me.' Of course she was in good hands (and had a blast!) with my mom but she was not with her own mama and for whatever reason, I felt so helpless and anxious. I am also aware that her being out there, exploring and learning without me is good for her but i'm not ready. Will I ever be?

I really want to be present when I'm working and when I'm home but my mind and heart right now are struggling. When I'm at work I'm thinking of home, when I'm home I'm thinking of all the things I should be doing for work - both plans for my classroom and things for our business. I guess this goes back to the age old struggle of balance and "having it all." The truth is, I don't want to have it all. I want simplicity and I want my family to be my priority always.


September 23, 2013

My oh my the weather around these parts the past few days has just been everything you ever imagine  when you think of summer slipping into fall. Boots, scarves and beanies are all acceptable and so are tanks with skinnies. It's kind of the ultimate when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. We had a super busy weekend with the last Flea of the summer this past Saturday and as always we are so thankful for the turnout. It truly is a dream come true knowing that we started something that people continue to show up for time and time again. We posted a quick little video of our DJ spinning some records while the Flea was going on. HAVE A LOOK. And also, he's pretty much the greatest DJ there ever was. Hey Seb!

Anyways, just a few shots of my girl and some things we've been doing and loving lately. Have a great week!

| new succulent from Fern Studio
| out and about with my best little buddy
| a much needed cappuccino run
| I want to eat her face off
| bunny is becoming her best friend


September 20, 2013

This Saturday is the last Flea of the summer! (Not to worry, we have events all the way through December.) It's going to be a ton of fun, as always, and we are excited about a few new vendors that knocked our socks off with their applications. Bring your friends and a few bucks and come explore the Flea! I will be there on and off all day with Ruthie so come say hey! For all the specifics, check the City Flea site. Hope to see you!


September 18, 2013

Hey guys! Recently I was contacted by the gals of this new adorable line, Welkin NYC and I wanted to help spread the word! Welkin NYC is a brand spankin new line for stylish kids that focuses on sustainability, comfort and is appealing to both boys and girls. Latonya and Belle are the brains behind the brand and they're asking for a little help to make their dream and hard work a reality. If you are interested, go on over to their campaign to read a bit more about the brand and to see a super cute little video featuring these kiddos. I mean really, is there anything cuter than black and white on a babe? 


September 13, 2013

Hey there! Happy Friday! I'm so excited about that cute little print above I just purchased from Oana Beforts shop. Her stuff is so good! Ruthie's nickname from her Papa is Peach and I've been on the hunt for the perfect little print to display in her room that represents the sweet name her papa has given her. I couldn't be happier with this one!

Anyways, hey, it's friday! We have a busy weekend ahead of us with a friends wedding this evening, a birthday party tomorrow and some flea marketing on Sunday with friends. The weather is starting to finally cool off and I'm giddy that I get to wear a scarf today! Scarves! Yay! I have a feeling this is going to be a good one. Talk to you on Monday!


September 11, 2013

Recently I have been on the hunt for quality, everyday basics that will last me and not unthread every season change. It's hard to spend a lot of money on basic tshirts and denim but I'm learning that a few well made pieces far trumps a ton of cheap trendy stuff. I guess it goes along with the whole less is more motto and as I learn this lesson in a lot of area's of life, my wardrobe is no different. I'm a jeans and a tshirt girl through and through so tops that fit right, feel good and look good are so important. I usually wear some variation of the tshirt every day no matter what my day looks like. 

I always like to pop into Madewell when I'm on the hunt for something and truth be told, usually head straight to the sale section. I found these 4 basics for 60 bucks! Score! Paired with some denim and converse and I'm good to go! Where do you guys like to shop / find solid basic staples? 

PS. the madewell tshirts are solid gold. THE perfect fit. 


September 9, 2013

| Hooray, we're getting new floors on our main floor!
| That little girl took a bath in the sink for the first time
| Ruthie's first selfie
| Morning ritual
| Our little peachy girl
| My favorite building on seventh street


September 6, 2013

Just a little shout out to this man of mine. I can't thank God enough for sending him to me. I don't want to sound too cheesy or like i'm rubbing my good fortune in, but this man truly is one of a kind. As manly as he is, he certainly does not fit the "you know how men are" bill. He's sensitive and thoughtful, kind and empathetic. I've said it before and there really is no other way to put it other than saying he is just a good, good man. He is goodness in every sense of the word. This week has been full of ups and downs and I suppose I'm just feeling extra thankful to have him as my teammate in life. Which is exactly what he is - a teammate. We have been doing this life thing together for almost 8 years and I truly can't imagine doing it with any other human in the world. 

Thank you for being the best (truly) husband and father I could ever wish for. I love you.

ps. found this photo on our computer and can't stop staring at it. it's SO him. reds cap, on top of a bridge overlooking Cincinnati. this is him in his element. *swoon

Happy Friday!


September 4, 2013

We did it. We survived. And it wasn't THAT bad. I left my girl yesterday while I worked outside of the home (first time in 7 months) and while I was not looking forward to it at all, we made it. My day went by fairly quick and walking through my door at 4:00 to the biggest grin, squeal and smooch imaginable, made those 6 hours away worth it. Truly, I'll always remember that moment of coming home to her that first time. I'm home today and will have to leave again tomorrow but now I know I can do it and that that sweet homecoming is so worth it. I also know that after my Thursday's away, I have 4 more whole days at home with my girl. Life is sweet. I am blessed. Happy Wednesday friends! 


September 2, 2013

IMG_0145 IMG_0152 IMG_0157 IMG_0160
This past weekend I celebrated my 28th year and welcomed in my 29th. Golly 28 was good to me. I'm one of those weird people who loves getting older. I feel a little wiser, put together, and confident as each year passes and look forward to the years ahead with excitement. I can remember my 28th birthday thinking, gosh this time next year I'll have a 7 month old on my hip and now, here we are. We unfortunatley didn't snap too many photos or do anything too exciting - I was actually sick on my actual birthday but those simple moments that I love so much like waking up a little slower than usual to a cup of coffee on the front porch with my husband and baby - those moments made the day perfect. My brother and his girlfriend have been staying with us the past few days and having them here has been really fun too. You know how it is when people are in town- you eat well, laugh a lot, become a tourist in your own city. Good stuff.

Anyways. 29. I think it's going to be my best one yet. While I'm here talking about birthdays, my sweet girl is 7 months today! Oh Ruthie.....

What can I even say to you that I don't say every month? You are the reason I'm here on this earth and every single day you do something that confirms this for me. You are just beyond. I don't know how else to say it. You have become quiet the sitter upper and don't need much help from mama and papa when doing so. You have learned the art of squealing at high volumes and the laughter that comes out of your little body when papa walks in the door from work each night is one of my most favorite things.  You love sweet potatoes, pears, peas and carrots and think you are such a big shot when you take sips of water out of mama's cup. You are this close to crawling and I know once we master that skill our world will be turned up side down. I can't wait for it. I finally (FINALLY!) got you on a proper napping schedule and I've been so proud of how easy you go down. You're such a good girl, baby.

Tomorrow is the first day I'll leave you while I work. I am more sad than you will probably ever know but I am excited you will have the chance to build your own special bonds with your grandmas, who by the way, can't control their excitement in getting 6 whole hours alone with you each week :) I hope you will always know that no matter where I've gone to or how long I'm gone, I will always come back to you. Now when you need me to comfort your cries over hunger, tiredness and fallen block towers and in the future when you need me to comfort heartache over first break ups, fights with friends, or when you feel lost in this big world. I will always come to you. Always. I love you. I love you. I love you.


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