September 4, 2013

We did it. We survived. And it wasn't THAT bad. I left my girl yesterday while I worked outside of the home (first time in 7 months) and while I was not looking forward to it at all, we made it. My day went by fairly quick and walking through my door at 4:00 to the biggest grin, squeal and smooch imaginable, made those 6 hours away worth it. Truly, I'll always remember that moment of coming home to her that first time. I'm home today and will have to leave again tomorrow but now I know I can do it and that that sweet homecoming is so worth it. I also know that after my Thursday's away, I have 4 more whole days at home with my girl. Life is sweet. I am blessed. Happy Wednesday friends! 


  1. Glad you both made it! Going back to work when my baby was 10 weeks old, I didn't get much reaction when I got home (which I had been warned about, so my feelings weren't hurt) but now that he's 10 MONTHS old, oh my! He crawls so fast to me and is just beyond happy to see me. It's the best.

  2. it's always a bittersweet!! i returned to work after jonas and it wasn't that bad. i actually quit me original job and found something more flexible at a local college. there was no way i could travel anymore with a little one at home. but we made it and found plenty of time to bond.

    enjoy the weekend!


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