September 2, 2013

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This past weekend I celebrated my 28th year and welcomed in my 29th. Golly 28 was good to me. I'm one of those weird people who loves getting older. I feel a little wiser, put together, and confident as each year passes and look forward to the years ahead with excitement. I can remember my 28th birthday thinking, gosh this time next year I'll have a 7 month old on my hip and now, here we are. We unfortunatley didn't snap too many photos or do anything too exciting - I was actually sick on my actual birthday but those simple moments that I love so much like waking up a little slower than usual to a cup of coffee on the front porch with my husband and baby - those moments made the day perfect. My brother and his girlfriend have been staying with us the past few days and having them here has been really fun too. You know how it is when people are in town- you eat well, laugh a lot, become a tourist in your own city. Good stuff.

Anyways. 29. I think it's going to be my best one yet. While I'm here talking about birthdays, my sweet girl is 7 months today! Oh Ruthie.....

What can I even say to you that I don't say every month? You are the reason I'm here on this earth and every single day you do something that confirms this for me. You are just beyond. I don't know how else to say it. You have become quiet the sitter upper and don't need much help from mama and papa when doing so. You have learned the art of squealing at high volumes and the laughter that comes out of your little body when papa walks in the door from work each night is one of my most favorite things.  You love sweet potatoes, pears, peas and carrots and think you are such a big shot when you take sips of water out of mama's cup. You are this close to crawling and I know once we master that skill our world will be turned up side down. I can't wait for it. I finally (FINALLY!) got you on a proper napping schedule and I've been so proud of how easy you go down. You're such a good girl, baby.

Tomorrow is the first day I'll leave you while I work. I am more sad than you will probably ever know but I am excited you will have the chance to build your own special bonds with your grandmas, who by the way, can't control their excitement in getting 6 whole hours alone with you each week :) I hope you will always know that no matter where I've gone to or how long I'm gone, I will always come back to you. Now when you need me to comfort your cries over hunger, tiredness and fallen block towers and in the future when you need me to comfort heartache over first break ups, fights with friends, or when you feel lost in this big world. I will always come to you. Always. I love you. I love you. I love you.


  1. You are lucky having the grandmas to look after your baby, it´s hard to separate from our childs...


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