September 11, 2013

Recently I have been on the hunt for quality, everyday basics that will last me and not unthread every season change. It's hard to spend a lot of money on basic tshirts and denim but I'm learning that a few well made pieces far trumps a ton of cheap trendy stuff. I guess it goes along with the whole less is more motto and as I learn this lesson in a lot of area's of life, my wardrobe is no different. I'm a jeans and a tshirt girl through and through so tops that fit right, feel good and look good are so important. I usually wear some variation of the tshirt every day no matter what my day looks like. 

I always like to pop into Madewell when I'm on the hunt for something and truth be told, usually head straight to the sale section. I found these 4 basics for 60 bucks! Score! Paired with some denim and converse and I'm good to go! Where do you guys like to shop / find solid basic staples? 

PS. the madewell tshirts are solid gold. THE perfect fit. 


  1. i swear 90% of my wardrobe is madewell and mostly tee shirts jeans and denim shirts (i may have a small denim shirt problem). i've also recently bought a few tees from everlane and love both the fit and the price point. oh, and madewell's new denim is amazing!

    1. I just got on to everlane too! I tried on a few pairs of denim from madewell and didn't love the fit. I thought I would put them on and something magical was going to happen but on my short frame they were just eh...The problems of a shorty. :)

  2. Less is definitely more! It's a lesson i'm trying to learn in life too. Beautiful blog x


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