November 27, 2013

No, I am not expecting but we did just welcome a brand new baby boy into our family. Two nights ago Nick and I became an auntie and uncle to sweet little Samuel! He was eager to enter the world and meet his mama and dada arriving 5 weeks early but he's healthy and handsome as ever. And now I can't stop thinking of all the darling little boy things I'll get to spoil this babe with! Ruthie and Sam are going to be quiet the pair and we are so excited at the thought of them growing up together. 

Remember how I threw my sister in law a baby shower just this past Saturday? Phew, that was close! haha. The holiday's sure are going to be fun with the new addition to our family around. We are so happy for you, Jame and Bri…and little Sam too! 

darling little things shown |


November 25, 2013

Happy Monday! (I know I've already posted these photos over on instagram. sorry if you follow me over there too!) We had such a great weekend- On Saturday I hosted a baby shower for my sister in law which was so lovely. There is something about having a bunch of wonderful people in my house that I just love so much. We can not wait to meet our sweet little nephew and truth be told, it seems like it might be very, very soon! We are giddy thinking about Ruthie growing up so closely in age with her cousin. So much fun for our family! Anyways, on Sunday Nick and Ruthie were photographed for an online publication for a feature on fatherhood. I am so excited to see the results and will keep you posted on that as it evolves. It was super cute watching them play together candidly knowing those precious little moments were being captured on film. Hope you all had a good weekend too!


November 20, 2013

I'm finally getting around to posting some photo's from this past weekend's event that Nick and I had been working on for what seemed like an eternity! All those ideas, the planning, the anticipation - it all paid off (Phew!) It was different from our other markets, in a new and exciting venue with unique vendors so there was a ton of logistics to figure for this one market. It was worth it as our number one "complaint" was that the event was "too crowded." Ha! I guess if you need something to complain about, we'll take it! Thanks to everyone who came out! And a special thank you to the team at 21c - we could not have done this without you (wink wink, Eli.) We have one more market for the year so mark your calendars - December 14 at Washington Park from 5-10pm. 

Nick, Ruthie and I stayed the weekend at the hotel and while we spent most of our time working, it was so lovely to stay the night in such a beautiful hotel. Seriously, this is one of my most favorite places in the world. It's just wonderful. If you are ever in Cincinnati, there's no question- you should book a stay with The 21c. 


November 13, 2013

We are so excited about this Sunday's market! It's something totally different than our normal markets and we can't wait to make this event a yearly tradition. We are holding this months City Flea market at the 21c museum hotel (gah, this space is dreamy!) with 30 local brick and mortar retail businesses as our vendors to kick of the holiday shopping season. Selfishly we put this event together so we'd have a one stop shopping destination (of all of our favorite shops) to knock out our holiday shopping! I think you guys are going to like it and we've got a few fun surprises that we can't wait for you to see! Please come by if you live in the Cincinnati area. Aside from the market, the hotel itself is a sight to see and such a wonderful place to see some art and grab a drink or delicious meal. We are super excited too because we are making a weekend of it and staying the night at the hotel before the day of our market. I like the idea of mixing business with pleasure and so that's what we decided we'd do. (Ruthie, you better be a good little sleeper that night!) 

Hope to see you! 


November 11, 2013

The newest dream that's been brewing since our visit to hocking hills last weekend is to buy a little piece of land and build our own cabin to rent out and to also use for ourselves whenever we please. Something small and simple, nestled amidst nature. A comfortable little place for city folk to get away and enjoy the outdoors. I'm happy just thinking about it. These images are the vibe we'd love to shoot for. I may be getting a bit ahead of myself but I started a cabin pinterest board this week so I have a place to compile and build a mood board for this little dream of mine. 


November 6, 2013

Oh Ruthie. Gosh I love you so much- a little bit more each day if you can believe that. I can hardly since today I feel like I'm going to physically burst, but then tomorrow will come and the way this love continues to grow for you will prove me right yet again. So right now, at nine months, you are all sorts of adorable. You just learned how to clap your hands to patty cake, you army crawl all over the place, you are pulling your little body up to stand, you are constantly talking (and grunting - you are the biggest little grunter!) and you've just started eating snacks like baby rice cakes and cookies. You hold those things in your hand with the biggest smile on your face like you've just accomplished some huge task, which to you I suppose you have. You gag a little bit on those types of foods but we are working hard to get you comfortable with something other than milk and pureed food. You'll get there. The past two nights you slept through the night! Through the night! Alert the people! I wonder if you were just waiting for your 9 month birthday to show us you knew how? You are such a good babe, babe.

Every day is a new adventure for you and I just love watching you learn and explore. This past weekend we took a family trip to to the forest and seeing how happy being outdoors all weekend made you, makes your papa and I so happy! You hiked all weekend long with us and loved taking in the sights and sounds around you. I hope you grow having a connection with the outdoors. It's so important and way better than watching a cartoon or playing a game on the computer. Trust me.

The next time I write to you, you will probably be crawling all over and maybe even standing on your own. Time is not my friend when it comes to you but I have so loved watching you grow each day.

I love your guts my little monkey girl.


November 4, 2013

IMG_0768IMG_0819IMG_0778IMG_0780 IMG_0766IMG_0633 IMG_0628 IMG_0643 IMG_0652 IMG_0656 IMG_0815 IMG_0849 IMG_0856IMG_0844 IMG_0851
Gosh, we had such a good time. I just love it there. And yes, I wore the same sweater every second of the weekend :) Also, how awesome is our hammock!? We bought it at last months City Flea and were dying for a good excuse to use it - I think we found the perfect one. Mid hike we decided to stop for a little break and swing - Ruthie loved it and it made for some pretty darn cute photos! I already can't wait until our next visit...


IMG_0672 IMG_0673 IMG_0682 IMG_0699 IMG_0694 IMG_0670 IMG_0712 IMG_0732 IMG_0724
Happy Monday friends! We got back last night from a little weekend getaway to Hocking Hills Ohio. It's the perfect place to disconnect from normal life and reconnect with family and the outdoors. From Cincinnati it's only about a 3 hour drive and with a baby, that's about the perfect distance before major car seat meltdowns have the chance to happen. Ruthie was such a wonderful passenger this trip and we're excited to take more trips similar to this one this fall.

I found us a little cottage right on lake logan about a month ago and it suited us well. Minus the fact that it was a one room (not one bedroom) cottage, it was perfect. After Ruthie went down we had to whisper and tip toe around in the dark but lucky for us there was a hot tub (and a bottle of wine) that we took full advantage of both evenings while she was asleep. We hiked, picnicked, took a long drive through the country, and explored the area as much as we could. We didn't worry about naps and schedules and it worked out so well. Ruthie slept great in her carseat and in the ergo during some of our hikes. She is such a little go with the flow girl -we so love that about her.


November 1, 2013

Welp. We did it. We celebrated a first halloween and gosh darnit was it cute. We didn't do anything crazy - Wednesday night my mom had a little halloween party with our family, chili, cornbread, pumpkin pie and all and on actual halloween we walked around the block with some friends while their kiddos went door to door. We were looking for any exscuse we could to dress this little one as a polar bear as many times as possible because.... come on! Nick and I are not huge halloween people and really don't enjoy dressing up (I'm not really sure why, in theory it sounds so fun) but I will say having a kid around sure makes things fun. Hope everyone else had a fun Halloween!

and ps. Ruthie's costume was the easiest thing to put together. She had this cute little bear hat from the Gap already, her grandma got her these crazy furry boots a long time ago and all she's wearing for a shirt is a white onesie and some white leggings. I also used just a tiny bit of eye liner for her little bear nose. So easy! And we think pretty dang cute :)

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