November 27, 2013

No, I am not expecting but we did just welcome a brand new baby boy into our family. Two nights ago Nick and I became an auntie and uncle to sweet little Samuel! He was eager to enter the world and meet his mama and dada arriving 5 weeks early but he's healthy and handsome as ever. And now I can't stop thinking of all the darling little boy things I'll get to spoil this babe with! Ruthie and Sam are going to be quiet the pair and we are so excited at the thought of them growing up together. 

Remember how I threw my sister in law a baby shower just this past Saturday? Phew, that was close! haha. The holiday's sure are going to be fun with the new addition to our family around. We are so happy for you, Jame and Bri…and little Sam too! 

darling little things shown |


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