December 30, 2013

Just a few shots of our first Christmas morning with this sweet little thing. It was way sweeter for her papa and I than it was for her, but I think she enjoyed her new little things and the company of her uncle and grandpa and grandma for brunch. It was the first christmas we stayed home and hosted and boy was it so nice. We stayed in pajama's, played records, sipped coffee and were not rushing around all day long. This is a new tradition I'm more than on board with. 

And thus concludes Christmas photo's. PS. The holiday week really through our sleep off and now we are having some major issues. Does anyone have a good book, website, etc for sleep training? My poor girl is exhausted but is having the hardest time sleeping on her own. Please help. We are all a little bit tired around these parts. 

PPS. You can tell who was behind the lens- I wish there were more photo's of Nick! 


  1. Christmas really is so much more fun as a parent. I know exactly what you mean about having more photos with Nick... I have to make such an effort to remember to step in front of the lens sometimes so my little girl will have pictures with me in them. Speaking of, the 4th picture in this post! My heart melted. Happy New Year.


  2. We are using the Dana Obleman Sleep Sense Program. It comes off a little "But wait! There's more!...", but it has really worked for us. Best money I've spent. We went from co-sleeping to crib, which there is not a lot of help out there for, that I could find. So it was our little one's first time having to fall alseep without nursing/nursing all through the night. We did the transition when he was 11 months old. He's 14.5 months now and he's doing really well. we still have some rough times here and there but I was amazed that he was going in the crib awake and not crying, falling asleep, and sleeping 10ish hours. I had read everything from cry-it-out approaches to super attachment parenting style. Cry it out doesnt sit well with me but something about the way Dana Obleman presented it made sense to me.

    1. be clear, there was definitely crying in the beginning, and night wakings, but I want to say within a week he was going down with no crying. If you want me to email you to discuss just let me know. This sleep stuff is the hardest part of parenthood by far, in my opinion. Lots of support is needed!


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