December 2, 2013

Oh Ruthie. Your ninth month was really something fantastic. It was the month in which you became more of a girl and less of a baby. I get little glimpses of who you might be in a year or two from now and my heart just flutters. You are the sweetest little thing but you have this silly, wild side too that I just adore. You snuggle me up on and off all day long and you squeal and yell and crack up the rest of the time. I love how you are. I hope you will always know that - that I love how you are. Even when our days aren't so easy and fun and simple. When the days come where you might be afraid I'll feel disappointment or that I'm not proud of what you've done - I will always love how you are because you are mine to love, always. Ten months feels a lot different than all the other months. We are in double digits now and whether it's true or not you just seem so grown up. You have preference towards things, threw your first fit (that was fun. and actually really adorable,) you say 'all done' when you are finished eating, you wave hi (and sometimes say it), you are getting so good at standing, and you just started dancing when music plays. ' I like to dance ' from Yo Gabba Gabba is your absolute favorite and gosh darnit, you are so damn cute when you dance to it. (I have video)

Your first ever little cousin was born just 6 days ago and holding him reminded me how quickly time has passed and just how much you have grown. I can't believe you were once that small (smaller actually.) I'm so proud of who you have become in ten months and can't wait to see you will be as the months and years pass. I've started thinking about your first birthday and as sad as it makes me knowing how quickly the year has gone, it also makes me extremely happy - that we have almost conquered one year together and that it could not have been more fun. I know that as you get older I'll continue to fall more and more in love with who are are becoming. Which seems impossible because how much I love you THIS MOMENT makes me want to cry. It's that much that I could just burst into tears thinking about it. One day when you read this letter you will roll your eyes at that, but then you will have a child of your own and know exactly what I am talking about. Trust me. Your grandma would say the same thing to me and here we are now. Grandma was right.

I love you so much I could burst.


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