January 31, 2014

My girl is turning ONE on Sunday and I don't think I've yet wrapped my head around it. Tomorrow (this time last year) was the day I was told I'd be induced and that our baby girl would be here by the end of the weekend. The excitement, happiness and fear were overwhelming and I can remember crying happy and scared tears on and off all day long. Had I known then what the next year would be like there would not have been an ounce of fear in me. The past 363 days have been the happiest, hardest, intensely loving, most gut wrenching days of my life and I would not change a single one of them for anything in this world.  (More on all of that next week :) 

We are throwing her a little party on Sunday with some family and friends and when I'm not a weepy mess about it all, I'm super excited that all the special people in her life will be around to wish her a happy day. 

And tonight, Nick and I are going on a date where we will actually be able to sit down together and have a drink without having to keep a stock pile of straws on hand to occupy some little girl we know. We're going to look at some art, grab something to eat and heck, we may even hold hands :) I'm so excited to celebrate a year of parenthood (and marriage) with that man of mine. 

I'll be back next week with birthday party pictures and a 12 month letter to my baby girl. I still can't believe it.

Have a great weekend!


January 30, 2014

Over the last few weeks I have seen a ton of growth here on Little One Love. Like, I almost can't believe that my stats are correct :) It's both overwhelming and exciting and I'm so, so thankful to those of you who are reading right now. Because of this new found growth I got to thinking a lot about how I want to really use this space. When you visit Little One Love I want you to feel light, comfortable and inspired ( that's not really the right word because I don't think what I have to say is all that inspiring ) but I suppose I want my readers to come here seeking the beauty in the everyday. I want you to live your life appreciating the simple moments that I value so much in my own life. 

I'm a new mom and a wife and a friend and a daughter. I have thoughts and I like to write so this is the place I do it. If you relate to something I say all the better. Sometimes it's just nice to know you're not alone, ya know?  

I also like pretty things, and my city and children's fashion and design and I like to share about those things from time to time here too.

I want to take better photo's, write better, and be more creative in this space. I've decided in the coming year I am going to be posting less, but with more intention. Instead of a post thrown together each day, I want to really take my time and create content that is worth your time. I'll still be posting multiple times a week, but just less haphazardly. 

I want my online life to mean something more and to maybe have an impact.

I can't thank you all enough for being here. It really does mean the world to me. 


January 29, 2014

Hey friends. Just a quick post to let you know i'm working on some tweaks around here and so things are little bit messy on the site right now. I can hardly stand it but with a baby running around and only a tiny bit of knowledge with html it may take me a few days. Just so you know, the new logo is everything I'd hoped it would be and can't wait to reveal it to you! Hang tight and I'll be back soon with everything worked out! 


January 28, 2014

 "a portrait of my child each week, every week in 2014"

holding mama's hand, building confidence on two feet.


January 27, 2014

Last night some friends of ours gathered to share a meal and let our kids run around together. It was the first time Ruthie actually played with the other kids and watching her be so happy amongst other littles, bouncing and squealing and open mouth kissing anyone who would let her made Nick and I feel so proud. So happy. So in love. As you do when you are with other moms, we talked about eating habits, sleep schedules, milestones, and everything in between. Our biggest struggle is Ruthie's sleep. I would not say she is an awful sleeper but she certainly isn't great. I was giving a play by play of a typical night and commented that "I'm sure I'm doing everything wrong" (when it comes to picking her up, nursing her back to sleep, yada yada yada) and my friend Mel said, we are all moms there is no judgement - WHATEVER WORKS. She said this was her favorite saying as a mother and I thought about it most of the night after we left. It is true - books, blogs and parenting websites all have their how to's and right ways to do it all and I think what I'm learning is that, at the end of the day, I love my daughter with every ounce of me. I would move mountains for her, so even though all the books say NEVER NURSE YOUR CHILD TO SLEEP, I'm going to because it works for us. Is it the best method to use to "train" her for self soothing back to sleep in the middle of the night? No. I know this, but in the moment when all she wants is to be close and nurse to drift to sleep, I'm okay with giving that to her. Soon these days will be gone and while the night wakes at 3 am every single night can get tiresome, It's okay. 

So anyways, that's what I wanted to share with any other mama's out there struggling with how to do the right thing. Love your children, do what feels right, and WHATEVER WORKS is okay in my book. 

PS. I look just like my mom in this photo - I have so many memories of her with her robe and towel on her head and can remember trying to tie my own towel the same way as a young girl to be just like her. It is the most "mom" photo I have to date and I kind of love it :)


Hello and happy monday! Is it still winter? This is the first winter where I'm 100% purely and utterly over it. We've been stuck in the house most days, which for the most part is lovely and fun but by the end of the week we are a little stir crazy and desperate for sunshine and the park. None the less we had a wonderful weekend with friends. And so now I am officially in crunch mode for Ruthie's birthday party this coming weekend. THIS WEEKEND. How in the world is it already this weekend? Ruthie, I need you to slowwwwww down. Have a great week all! 


January 20, 2014

" a portrait of my child each week, every week in 2014 "

always standing, always too impatient for pants.


January 17, 2014

Nick and I have been dreaming of designing and building our next home. (Thank gosh for an architect husband!) As much as we love our current home, there is something so appealing about being able to customize your living space exactly as you would want it. Rustic modern is pretty much the style of our home now but how fun would it be to design an entirely new home with this style in mind? Flooring, woodwork, new kitchen, tile - ahhhh! We would be in heaven! We casually have our eye on available lots and if the right thing popped up, you never know! In the meantime it is so fun to dream!  

images one / two / three / four


January 13, 2014

" a portrait of my child each week, every week in 2014"

She loves to play peek a boo these days.


I still can't believe that we are just a few weeks away from celebrating Ruthie's first birthday. Over the last couple days I've started thinking about her little party and have settled on making her party special through simplicity. I'm usually always this way when it comes to most things in life - a firm believer that less is indeed more. I'm planning to make her little crown this coming week (hoping for something similar to what is pictured) and have just begun planning the menu. (Nothing fancy - some yummy snacks and sweets.) I'm sad thinking about the year gone by but so excited to celebrate what was by far my most favorite year yet. Here's to enjoying the heck out of the last few weeks I have with my baby! 

Images one / two / three


January 8, 2014

Last year a bunch of ladies from the internet participated in THE 52 PROJECT, which is a photo project that documents each week for year in photos of your child(ren). When the project started last year ruthie wasn't born and by the time I started feeling well enough to take real photo's of her, it was too late in the year to start. So. This year I'm excited to participate and watch as Ruthie grows and changes from her 11th month to her 23rd.  Here is week one: always on the move


My Ruthie. This is your eleventh month and we can hardly believe your first year is coming to an end. Every day you amaze us with the way you explore new things, learn new tricks and smile that smile that melts our hearts every. single. time. Your newest tricks are smiling a fake smile when we say, smiiiile and laying your head down and saying "awwwwwww" when we tell you to 'snuggle.' As you might imagine, the cuteness level is through the roof. You are turning into a little stinker too. You are just starting to understand what you are and are not allowed to get into which comes along with the way in which you've just learned to test me. It's cute because your little but my dear, lets not take it too far, deal? You just got over your first ever fever and it was hard on us all. Seeing you sick has definitely moved to the top slot of things I hate. You are on the mend now and it makes us so happy that you have bounced back so quickly. I wonder if this is how you will encounter all the lows you'll face in life? It's a hard couple of days but you grit your teeth through it and come out stronger, quickly in the end? It seems so.  You are also in the phase now of wanting to be in mama's arms, lap, presence all the day long. It's hard for me sometimes, but I do love it. It's hard for me to let go of other things I'd like to be doing or getting done but I keep reminding myself that you want me so much right now because you need me. Your constant attachment to me will not last long and when it's over I'll mourn the days of you and I constantly in contact.

I've just begun to think about your first birthday. I haven't quiet figured out how I feel about it yet. I'm super excited for you- that you are having so much fun as you grow and that things will just keep getting more and more fun for you as you master more skills. I'm happy for your papa and I too - that we have (almost) made it a year together as parents. I'm happy for all of us - that our love continues to grow stronger and deeper with each passing day. I'm so sad though too. Sad that time with you goes by so quickly. I've blinked my eyes and a year has passed. I'll save more of my thoughts on all of this for your actual birthday letter.

I just love you so much, baby girl. Here's to our last month together of you as a baby. My heart bursts for you.


January 6, 2014

We have been battling what we think is the flu with our little the past few days. In her 11 months, this is the first time she's run a fever and my gosh, it breaks your heart. The past two nights have been extremely rough and sleepless and I'm hoping that she'll take a turn for the better today.  We have a visit with her doctor in just a bit so hopefully we can kick this thing today. You know what else is fun? That arctic storm that you may have heard about? It's here in Cincinnati now and the current temperature is -2. I'm glad I have to take a sick baby out in it. 

Anyways, on a more fun note. I'm so excited to get started on the blog redesign. Not much is going to change with the actual layout but a new header and "rebrand" are on the horizon. I have a meeting with my designer this week and hope to have everything live in the coming month! This year I'm really going to step up the quality of images, the content and the overall feel of this space. Yay! 

So anyways, here's to hoping this week turns around and this babe of mine starts feeling better asap. Stay warm, midwesterners! 


January 3, 2014

I haven't posted any iPhone / instagram photo's here in a while and figured why not? I have been snapping photo's over there like crazy. Can we all agree it's the best social media outlet? I'm constantly inspired when scrolling through my feed and while it can be hard not to get caught up in everyone's perfect little squares, it's still so fun to see how other's capture simple, day to day moments. Who are your favorite instagramers? I'm excited to get another one of my "instant love" features up in the next couple of days. 


January 2, 2014

One thing I'd like to start incorporating more into this space are some of the simple meals we eat around here. I am not a cook, and still, I struggle with finding joy in preparing food but the more I learn about food, the more I enjoy making a meal that is filled with an abundance of nutrients for me and my family. I'm also hoping that I'll get some more idea's of simple meals through sharing the types of meals we generally eat. First up is sautéed kale and mushrooms with balsamic vinegar and a touch of parmesan cheese over whole wheat pasta. I am not a very good "recipe follower." Maybe that's why I'm not a very cook? I like to take the foods I like and mix and match them with different sauces and spices. For this simple meal, I chopped kale and mushroom, threw it in the skillet with some balsamic, then mixed it in with the pasta and sprinkled some parmesan on top. See? Simple. What is a go to simple, healthy meal you find yourself making week after week?

IN 2014

I always like to write this post each year - the first of a new season of life and a chance to write out some goals and hopes. It's nice to have this space for the accountability and I'm more excited for this year than I have been about years past. I feel like I worked a lot of kinks out the past couple of years and am now in a happy place of contentment which was always my struggle. Motherhood really did a number on me in the contentment department and I'm so thankful for it. This coming year I have a few personal and business goals that I'm excited to get to work on. Here we go.

Start something completely new and on my own. I have been thinking of a new business idea that i'm excited to share once a few more details are worked out. For Nick and I's anniversary he gifted me a book where he wrote 50 things he loves about me, wants to see me accomplish, etc. and one of them was, "I'd love to see you start something new." I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since October. 

Take this blog to the next level. It is such a wonderful place for me to come to each day and I look forward to writing and sharing everyday. I have been so incredibly surprised and grateful for how much this little space has grown over the past few months especially, and am ready to step it up. I am working on a bit of rebrand / redesign with a graphic designer friend and I'm so excited for the final product! 

Collaborate with more people. Work on creative projects out of my comfort zone.

Be present with Ruthie. She is growing so fast and requiring so much attention. She deserves it all and I want to be the mother that she deserves.

Take more trips. 

Put as much passion into The City Flea as I did 3 years ago when we first started the market. It is one of my most favorite things about this life we live and I don't ever want to take for granted the fact that we have grown our little business into what it is today. We are lucky.

Put time and effort into each of my relationships. I don't want to be afraid to wear my heart on my sleeve with the people in my life. Whether family or friends I've chosen, these are the people we live life with and I want to always live fully with them. 

That's it. I'm ready for ya, 2014! I have a feeling it's going to be a good one. 

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