April 16, 2014

What is it that truly makes the place you live home? I think most of us would probably say the people you share it with and while I do think that's true, for me the tangible is almost just as important. I think it's safe to say that I spend more time thinking about my home than most, which is not necessarily a good thing. It's way more important to me how our home is furnished and styled than it should be but after thinking on it for a while, I think it's all part of my need for creativity and comfort. I move little things around constantly which used to annoy even me but I've realized it is just a way for me to be creative. I'm not a crafter or baker or an artist but I think I'm pretty good at making our home 'nice.' I pride myself on it and delight so much in the fact that when people come through our door, they feel comfortable. (or at least I hope so!)

My style has changed and evolved so, so much over the last few years and I finally feel like I'm coming into my own. My home reflects that. I like midcentury and vintage - modern mixed with old, simple yet carefully curated. I like the artwork, decor and furnishings in our home to tell a story - a coffee table from a flea market in Kentucky or a rug from an open air market in Turkmenistan. Maybe that's why we were initially so drawn to our house by the bridge built in 1885. There's a story there and I like that our family is now part of it.

So while I (often) complain about our lack of a big back yard and the fact that we share a common wall with our neighbors (who are truly wonderful,) this house is so good. We are fortunate enough to have a large front porch and back deck and plenty of sidewalk for chalking. We live across the street (ACROSS THE STREET!) from Eden Park and the view we have out of our window's is beautiful. Ruthie also has one of the largest play rooms in all of baby land. Hey, why don't you just slap me the next time I complain of having little yard, okay? Why is it that you always want what you don't have?
I'm off to spend the next hour swinging on my porch swing, thanking my lucky stars for what we've got.


Thank you for coming by and taking the time to comment. Have a wonderful day!


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