May 28, 2014

It seems that about every year or so some major shift in life happens and forces us to embrace the ever changing seasons of being human. Tomorrow is the last day I will be teaching, indefinitely, forever, who knows. I have been teaching for the past 6 years and have really loved my time in the classroom with incredible groups of little people. I have loved it, truly. But now, it just feels right to step away and raise my daughter and work on our business full time. I have always been a firm believer that change is good and I'm ready to take this next chapter on full force.

On a different note, we have been thinking so, so much about what kind of childhood we want our children to have - do we want them to run free in their bare feet through neighborhood streets chasing around other kids or do we want them to live in the city, hopping on the streetcar to get a donut at the bakery every Saturday morning? Both things are so appealing to me and like so many things in life, I just want to have a little bit of both. Is that possible? The thing about Cincinnati (if you are reading from another city) is that it is going through this incredible renaissance where so many people are moving back into downtown. There is a new restaurant on every block, coffee shops, parks, a new streetcar, etc. Really, it's so freaking awesome. I do want to be one of the families that takes this giant leap and really immerses into what is happening but at the same time it's scary, you know, because that comfortable quiet neighborhood filled with kids sounds just as good to me. This is what I call being stuck on the fence, my friends. And here's the funny thing- right now, our neighborhood is pretty much a little bit of both. (So the answer is yes, you can have a little bit of both) We live in the city (just outside of downtown) in a row of houses that feels pretty urban with a giant green space / park directly across the street from us. There aren't many kids and maybe that's where my hang up is. I just don't know.... so for now, here i'll sit, on the fence.....

As a side note, my husband is as urban as they come so the choice for him is so so easy. I just wish I could jump in with him right now. The amazing thing about him is, he knows me. He knows that I need time to process and plan our next chapter. One of these days when I get my mind in a place of peace and contentment, these entries will be so fun to read. Until then, thanks for being my sounding board.



May 23, 2014

Just wanted to share a handful of photo's from our market last weekend! Thanks again to everyone who came out and to all of our amazing vendors. I have to say, after 3 years of putting the Flea on, I think this market was my favorite. Our vendors were just on fire and nothing gets me more in the summer mood than the kick off City Flea. Good stuff. 


May 19, 2014

a portrait of my child each week, every week in 2014"

Ruthie girls first time in a formal church learning to stay quiet for her cousins baptism. (She did great)


May 13, 2014

Hey all. Just wanted to share this little video we had made by some super talented friends from Blanksmith Collective that captures the experience and vibe of the Flea perfectly. We couldn't be happier with it and for those of you who aren't sure what The City Flea is, now you know. We're super pumped for our 4th year of 'Fleaing' and hope you'll be able to come again or for the first time. Season 4 kicks off this Saturday! See you there!

full list of market dates and times 


May 9, 2014

a portrait of my child each week, every week in 2014"

the sweetest pea slowly waking up from an afternoon nap / those big blues cut straight through my heart day after day.


May 7, 2014

One of the physical charecterstic's of Ruthie that we just adore so much is her curly, crazy hair. She was born with a head full of it and it is always the number one thing passerby's feel the need to comment on. "I know, it's so wild! We just love it!" is usually my response and I so hope as she grows into a big girl she loves it too. I'm sure she'll hate it and wish for stick straight hair - you know, you always want what you don't have especially as an adolescent girl, but I hope we will do our best in making her feel confident with what she's got. With all of that said, she needs good hair clips to keep it out of her face while she plays. It's long enough now that her curls dangle in front of her eyes and distract her from her busy, busy play and work. (She's so busy these days.) When the lovely ladies from Hello Shiso sent some darling clips our way we fell in love instantly. They hold her hair back and look so dang cute too. The pom pom clip and the gold heart clips are in constant rotation over here. (We wore the heart this past Easter and it was the perfect little accessory)


May 2, 2014

Does anyone else feel a constant pull between two totally different wants? For me lately, it's been a home in the city (which we have) and a home further out with a little bit of land. We own a small business that operates in the heart of our city's center. We absolutely love the energy that our city has been gaining these past couple of years and wouldn't dream of owning a business anywhere else but right here in Cincinnati. We live 1 mile from the heart of the city and are able to get downtown in under 5 minutes for dinner or drinks (and also to visit papa at his office during the days.) Being so close to all the action and having a house with a lot of space is so, so wonderful. Then there are some days where a more modest home with some land surrounding sounds like pure heaven. I know it's not what Nick wants (he is a city boy through and through) but there is something so dreamy at the idea of hanging our clothes to dry on a clothesline while our kids run barefoot as far as their little legs will take them. 

What we have now is a home filled with so much laughter, kitchen dance parties, coffee talk on the front porch, hours of swinging under the tree and countless nights curled on the couch watching movies. We have a new kitchen, extra bedrooms for more children, a garage to park two cars, neighbors who take care of their yard and our neighborhood, a beautiful view I often take for granted and most importantly we have a home where two turned to three. 

I know at the end of the day this is not about a house. It's about my constant state of teetering- between wanting different and more things in life and that annoying feeling that there will always be something better. Which there will be but there also won't ever be, you know? Right now is the best. This house, this city, my family, this life - it is the best. I think what I continue to learn through my adult years is that what we have in this moment, right now is good enough. It's better than good enough. What we have is a home filled with an abundance of love.


Have you guys heard of Kidizen? It's this super cool app that lets you shop pre loved kids stuff in an extremely cool and easy way. You can filter so you are only looking for the type of items you prefer and everything is of pretty good quality. It's like an online kids vintage shop which I'm sure we can all agree doesn't get much cuter. This little kimono Ru has on is from the site and you guys, a kimono! I fell in love as soon as we opened the package. Oh, it also came with a 90's style mix tape! haha. Such fun! Here's a shot from their site to explain a little bit more about how it works:
Did I mention the app is FREE!? You can download it HERE. Happy shopping! 


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