July 24, 2014

We've been in our house for just over 3 years now which by most everyone's standards is not long at all. For me though, it's the longest I've ever stayed in one place as an adult out on my own. I love our home, all that it means to us and what it has become. We've just started playing with the idea of possibly moving but in the meantime, I am working on re doing some of the rooms in our house to keep our home feeling fresh. Ya know, moving plants around, rearranging furniture, adding a new area rug, etc. I think a big part of why i'm getting antsy for a new space is because I'm sick of the same thing. Styling a new home from scratch is one of my most favorite things and maybe why we have been dreaming of a new home - a blank canvas. 

Has anyone ever done anything similar? It sounds crazy but I'd love to move all our furniture from the main floor out (hey neighbors,) redesign the space with fresh eyes, then bring it all back in. I'd also like to get rid of 40% of our belongings so our space feels completely clutter free.  Slowly we have been gotten rid of so much stuff and it really does feel amazing to not have so much. (It's all so unnecessary anyways. Less really is more.) 

ps. if you are interested in seeing how we live and love in our home, i've got a fun little home hashtag via instagram : #thehousebythebridge 


  1. I feel like we are in the same place! I have piles in most rooms of our house that need to make their way to Goodwill. And just when I feel like I've finally finished a room and think of new ways to change it. I wish I could just settle on something long term but my brain doesn't seem to want to work like that.

    1. Yes, long term is not something I'm good at either. I've realized that decorating, rearranging, etc is a huge creative outlet for me so I have come to embrace it. Some people paint or write, I rearrange! :)

  2. We've been in our place for about 2 months now and are slowly (very, very slowly) arranging, re-arranging, and making the space our own. But I'm with ya--long term has never been my thing. ;) What's been helping me (and helping me be okay with this slow process) is focusing on putting pieces in our home that I know will last through the trends. I'm going for a mid-century modern/classic/natural look over here to try to keep myself from not wanting to change everything next year! ;)

  3. We are on the exact same page. We just sold our house after 3+ years… partly for a school change, but mostly because I became antsy. I'm going to rent for 1 year so that I can gut renovate our next home (which I haven't found yet, just love the idea of!). I also agree that home-making/creating is my favorite hobby. Keeps my creativity flowing. Our rental house is more than half the size of our current house… so this will be a challenge!!! PS. love the plants.


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