August 23, 2014

"a portrait of my child each week, every week in 2014"

I had to cheat this week and use an iPhone image. we are getting ready to travel this coming week and you know how crazy the days leading up to a vacation are. so anyways. this cute little thing in her new jammies talking my ear off, per usual. 


August 15, 2014

Hey all you locals! Tomorrow is the August City Flea and nothing says summer weekend like the Flea and perfect weather. Both of which will be happening simultaneously tomorrow! We've got 135 of the city's best vendors in vintage, handmade, mid century modern, jewelry, and food, so come on down! Hope to see you! For more info you can hop over to the City Flea website and or 'like' our Facebook page for event info.


August 13, 2014

I'm a bag lady, it's no secret around here and when I received my lily jade elizabeth bag I was stoked. It's important to mention this is the first actual diaper bag I have ever owned. I've always gotten by with large, easy to wear bags of my own, never liking the idea of carrying a diaper bag because honestly I could never find one that did't look like a....diaper bag. This one gets an A+ in my opinion. My girl and I are off to the aquarium with our bag all packed up and loaded with favorite snacks, books and a few diapers. It's going to be a good morning.

lily jade red elizabeth in canvas c/o lily jade


August 11, 2014

"a portrait of my child each week, every week in 2014"

this girl loves to sit at her table and chair to color. she special requests mama and papa draw babies all the day long. // wearing mama's baseball hat. I can't.


August 7, 2014

If you don't see a pattern here, then well, you can't see very well. After scrolling through my instagram feed the other day I realized my most favorite accounts look pretty similar. They're simple, sweet and filled with so much love it practically bursts through the screen. I like clean white spaces, subway tile, plants, wood and little ones.  If you aren't following these four accounts (I'm sure you are) you are missing out big time on little glimpses of these mama's hearts and lives. They share everyday moments and caption them with some of the most heartfelt sentiments. Always good reminders of the sisterhood that is motherhood and the joy that simple moments bring to the everyday. I've emailed or communicated with three of these mama's and am real life friends with one (Hi Jess!) and can say with certainty, If we all lived in the same city we'd be pretty great friends. So get on over there and check these mama's out. 


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