September 10, 2014

It has been so fun for me, putting together a little Montessori playroom in our third floor loft space. I think because I am not going back to teaching this year my desire to set up a little classroom  is especially strong. (I've have been waiting until Ru was able to actually do some things other than stick a toy in her mouth. Hooray!) She is at this stage right now - in Montessori terms - a sensitive period for language and I am trying to really help her take off. She is speaking in 3 word 'sentences' and knows the word for almost every single thing around her. Witnessing her language develop has been one of my favorite things about mama hood. So, I thought it was time for her to have an actual learning environment, instead of just play. (Although at this age they do learn by playing - it's just the teacher in me) 

On her shelves now : wooden hammer and ball work / basket of shapes for sorting / abacus for color recognition and counting / montessori baric tablets ( a bit advanced but she likes to sort them) / books / farm puzzle / transfer work with pom pom balls into cup / color cards / shape cards

It's a little bit more colorful than I'd like and all the furniture is mismatched but that's okay. For now I am using what we've got and plan to order some things from the How We Montessori Shop and Alisons montessori, where I used to order a lot of things for my classroom. I also wanted to share a super easy and fun toddler sensorial activity with you guys....tomorrow! 


  1. i love the set up and you've got a great array of sensory and educational activities in her reach! my little guy is juuuust entering the stage where he isn't putting (as many) things in his mouth too. i've been searching for learning activities to do at home now that the weather will be turning us indoors, can't wait to see what you have to share!

    1. thanks, lucinda! I'm just getting ready to post an easy and fun sensory game. hopefully you can try it at some point!

  2. It looks great! I'm a pretty new follower of your blog and I love it!


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